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The First Trip:15 Tips For First-Time Travellers

The first trips can mark your life as a traveller. Early experiences away from home are often remembered with a lot of affection. Making the most of your first trips is not an easy task. For you to live a truly incredible experience here are 15 tips travellers.

15 Tips For First-Time Travelers | MacroTraveller

The popular search engine has developed a study to create a list of the main travel advice, according to a study involving more than 15,000 travellers.

1) Plan the trip you want to do not say what you should do. It’s never too late to travel.

2) Flee from the typical tourist places. It bets to know the local culture. A good way is going to eat at restaurants or bars away from the most famous sites. You can also check out new places by asking the restaurant owner or waiter.

3) Always check if you need a visa well in advance. Some visited cost more than others. The same applies to passports. Always check expiration, since some countries ask for a minimum of 6 months of validity to enter the country. 24% of respondents recommend always carrying the passport on top.

4) Make photos of the passport, visas, identification and travel insurance. Send the pictures to email if you lose them.

5) If you do not speak the language of the destination country well, it will not hurt to study a couple of key phrases. You can also download a translation application.

6) It is advisable to carry around 200 dollars/euros in cash or an extra credit or debit card or a travel card in case you lose your wallet or purse. You can hide them in a backpack pocket or somewhere else that is safe for you. If you travel in a group, each person can carry something. 13% of respondents say that they have a reserve of money and are one of the best advice that can be given when planning the first trip. If you need something during the journey, you can buy it at your destination.

7) Less is more. You do not have to pack your suitcase to the brim. 18% of travellers always regret carrying more things than they need. Prepare the bag at least a couple of days in advance. On top of the bed place everything you should take and discard 30% of what you see. Bring soap to wash so that you can reuse clothes. And he thinks comfort should prevail.

8) Before travelling check the allowed baggage allowance and, if necessary, carry hand luggage that weighs the most like a computer, mobile phone chargers. Wear multi-purpose garments such as a pareo. You can use it as a beach towel to cover you like a pillow.

9) If you go on a trip with friends or family, spread the clothes by all the bags. If someone loses it, everyone will have clothes to wear.

10) If you travel alone / or talk to people and stay in hostels or bed & breakfasts. Spend some time in the community areas and start conversations although at first, it costs a little.

11) Find information about the sites you visit. For example, buses to avoid, taxis is recommendable or even uber. The study shows that 21% of travellers think that knowing the security of the destination is crucial. Create a list of places of interest in the country.

12) If you travel for the first time, you must be flexible and do not demand too much. Live the moment.

13) Look around not to miss anything. Do not waste too much time on your mobile.

14) If you visit a destination for the first time, let yourself go and enjoy the experience. Keep an open mind and do not believe too many expectations as to the experiences you could live. 40% of respondents say that they would have advised themselves to relax and enjoy every moment.

15) You should contact your bank and telephone company to inform you that you are travelling, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises such as high bills or cancelled cards. It is also important that you report the rates and if you can use your card entirely in another country. In fact, 20% of travellers say that this is the best advice they could give before travelling.



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