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There are many people who are forced to divide their vacation weeks throughout the year. Not everyone is lucky to be able to enjoy a month without working in summer. But there is nothing to worry about: not having holidays in July or August is not necessarily synonymous with not being able to enjoy the sun.

So is. Many places on the planet maintain pleasant temperatures during the twelve months of the year. In this way, there are also many destinations where you can enjoy the sun no matter what dates you organize your trip. I’m going to talk about those places since they are the protagonists of this article. If you have not already done so, get a paper and pen to take note; we start.


“Welcome to Miami.” Who has not dreamed of walking around Miami Beach after seeing it dozens of times in movies and series? Miami, in Florida, has a subtropical climate, so the winters are soft and dry, and in summer it is quite shameful. From seeing the skyscrapers to taking a bike ride in South Beach, any plan is better than cold.


More than 7000 islands that hide wonderful places among which we find beaches to dive or sunbathe and jungles to do excursions. Nature in its purest state is what awaits you in the Philippines, as well as high temperatures throughout the year.

Rio de Janeiro

Maybe you had not considered visiting Brazil, but you may change your mind if I tell you that it is summer there all year. So, if you decide on Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to put the towel and the swimsuit because you are going to visit the beach a lot.


We have been saying for some time that Thailand is a fashionable destination. Its islands, its beaches, its big cities like Bangkok, its temples … And of course, also its warm temperatures become an attraction for travellers.


Here the temperature is tropical, so in winter the temperatures are pleasant but not suffocating. And, like the other four, it is an ideal destination if you want to escape from the cold and enjoy a little more of the sun.

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