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Mauritius is a dream destination: The image of a natural paradise surrounded by coral reefs and colorful fish in a clear reef lagoon.

1) Diving in the Indian Ocean!

Diving is one of the main attractions of Mauritius. The coastline is full of places to discover, each one more tempting. For example, Aquarium beautiful dive site in Trou aux Biches (on the north coast), where multi-colored fish abound. In Blue Ray (on the south coast) is the marine park, which is characterized by its incredible coral garden. There the corals have unique shapes: mushroom, lettuce, bouquets. They form a beautiful mosaic in which they inhabit rare fish: moonfish, trumpet fish, and even barracudas!

2) See the Dolphins!

In Mauritius, excursions are organized to open sea loaded with unexpected surprises. If you want to observe the dolphins, the coast of Tamarin (on the west coast) is the ideal place. There are dolphin banks that roam the bay. To see them, you will have to get up early and take advantage of that time of day when there are not only boats. You can enjoy with your pirouettes: a beautiful show that you have to see during your trip to Mauritius. Excursions to the open sea can be accompanied by underwater rides. You can walk under the water with a diving suit on the head and have the opportunity to have the fish within reach!

3) Hiking!

In order not to focus solely on the coast, sports enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful hiking trails in Mauritius: either by the mountains or by the jungle. You choose! The Bras d’Eau (East Coast) reserve is a good example. There you can discover a wild forest of 432 hectares: an authentic indigenous forest covered with olive and ebony trees surrounded by exotic species brought by man: eucalyptus, araucarias Bird fans will be able to observe the formicarium: the star of the reserve Bras D’Eau. The formicarium is a very rare flycatcher bird that is recognizable thanks to its red wings.

4) Discover magnificent landscapes!

Mauritius has an exuberant geography: coral reef, bright coral lagoon, idyllic beaches, mountain peaks, and high volcanic cliffs. In Trou aux Cerfs (central plateau) is the crater of an ancient volcano: an authentic colossus of 85 meters Depth and 200 meters wide. From there you can see fascinating views of the west coast and the central plateau, surrounded by a blanket of lush vegetation. Another exceptional landscape is that observed from Souffleur (south coast): a high viewpoint on the wild cliffs of the south shore. Watch out for the wind; can blow high.

5) Mix with a cozy town!

Mauritians are very friendly to tourists. You can talk to them on the beach or around a healthy snack of samosas (meat or vegetable dumplings) and tasty pastries (fried meatballs garnished with spicy). They will talk to you about life on the island and, especially, national hobbies: horse racing (a real national sport) and, of course, football (mainly following English teams such as Liverpool FC or Manchester United). Also, you will get to know the culture of the island, which is loaded with Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Chinese and Creole influences, something that is reflected especially in the local gastronomy.



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