Five Top Hotels to Stay in Goa #MacroTraveller

Goa is the party capital of India and crowded with tourists all-round the year. The palm-fringed beaches, the glistening waters and the coolest hangouts. Goa is renowned for its beaches, nightlife and culture, and Goa are divided in North Goa and South Goa. South Goa is expensive than North Goa. Goa is an ideal holiday destination for all. From beach shacks and eco resorts to luxury boutique hotels and 5-star hotels, I’ve explored and examined for the best place to stay in Goa.

1) Planet Hollywood Beach Resort (MT Rating 4.5/5) Impressive property, class hospitality, wonderful landscaping and a beach property. When I first heard of Planet Hollywood, I assumed a dream place. I am happy to say that it is no less. Located in South Goa, on Utorda beach, this resort has everything that you need for a laid-back vacation. The staffs here are very helpful and friendly. Every part of the resort is well maintained, and the price you pay for staying is worth every penny.

2) Taj Aguada – Vivanta By Taj (MT Rating 4.8/5)

Another fantastic property to stay in, good beach view and very good food and hospitality are beyond compare. Excellent view from the swimming pool and the bay viewpoint area. The property is located in North Goa, and it is the only five-star property in North Goa. Try their sea view rooms! The pool also is fantastic, and they serve beverages in the pool. The property is dotted with many eateries to suit the palate. Provides complimentary yoga from 8 to 8:45, you can enjoy table tennis, gym, swimming pool, etc.

3) Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel (MT Rating 4.6/5)

The Novotel Goa Shrem Hotel is the right blend of fun, family spirit and well-being. Great hotel in Candolim, maintains the Novotel standard, perfect for families, good pool bar. They offer free pickup and drop from their nearby resort property as well as Candolim beach. Superior hotel with exceptional staff, room had all amenities including free safe, air conditioning, advanced TV and a very comfy huge bed. Food and beverages in the hotel were expensive, although very nice.

4) The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort (MT Rating 4.7/5)

Great place to stay, lovely lobby views to the garden. The room are big and stylish. The Portuguese style architecture is a great concept and indeed breathtaking. Food and services are top notches. The beach and river are fantastic. The restaurants in the hotel serve delicious food, especially the beachside shack Corta’s serving excellent Goan & seafood. The swimming pool in the resort is also pretty large with plenty of sun loungers lying around the pool. Other amenities consist of a 9-hole golf course, sports courts and an outdoor pool, plus a spa, a garden maze and kids indoors and outdoors play areas. The hotel grounds also have a helipad.

5) Grand Hyatt Goa (MT Rating 4.6/5)

Grand Hyatt Goa luxurious hotel in Goa situated in Bambolim and is located 7 km from Panaji the capital city of Goa. Grand Hyatt Goa overlooks the visually beautiful waters of the Bambolim Bay. The property is attractive, nicely maintained. Rooms are good so is the view from the hotel. The underground pool was stunningly fantastic. Chula the Indian restaurant is notably good and has a lot of options. The highlight is Casino STRIKE which has just opened up at the hotel and believe me, it is the largest Casino in India with the gaming on the latest machines, and one needs to visit this Casino to see the excitement particularly 9 pm onwards. The Grand Hyatt Goa takes pride in being among the best hotels in Goa.






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  1. I can practically smell the fresh air! It must be nice to wake up in the morning and just walk around the places that you go to!

  2. I like the planet Hollywood Beach resort at least from the review and the rating it shows it will be a place worth lodging. One will surely get his or her money worth from this resort I believe.

  3. The hotels featured here are truly fantastic and luxurious. Tourists in Goa will surely adore the place when they’ve got the chance to stay in one of these hotels while on a trip.

  4. The hotels look very beautiful and tidy. The colors and atmosphere of it is just refreshing and pleasing to the eye. Thank you for showing us this wonderful hotels! I m definitely bringing my family to these hotels. I can’t choose one to pick!

  5. It is incredibly difficult to really select one of these places to visit. I just feel I could have the money to lodge in all. There are all breathtaking with serene environment. I just love the environment.

  6. Honestly,I went through your write up and I practically dropped my jaw.This is luxury at it peak.This hotels are top notch and i just wish to visit at least two out of the five hotels featured in this article.

  7. Wowww, these hotels are really exotic. My goodness, it is so hard picking out one to stay in, it’s like if 8 have the opportunity to visit goa I may just visit all 5 of the hotels. However, i love the Taj Aguada and the Planet Hollywood Beach Resort more. Thanks for the review.

  8. I love that Taj Aguada especially the color combination of the room. I think i will be sleeping soundly on such cozy bed.

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