My Flying Experience with Lufthansa’s ‘Bangalore Express.’

Let me share my flying experience with Lufthansa’s Bangalore-Frankfurt-San Francisco. I flew on 26 April 2016, last year from Bangalore to Silicon Valley. I went San Francisco to cover SDC (Samsung Developer Conference), of course, it was my longest flight journey till date! Check-in experience was good, nothing particular to mention here. On board it felt like a brand new aircraft – everything seemed clean and appeared to be in good condition.

First-ever long haul flight, so I was quite worried. However, Leg room was adequate, and seats were comfortable. Excellent leg space even in economy class, great food for vegetarians. Flight crews are amiable and ensured to remain hydrated by circulating juices and water at regular intervals. To be honest, considering this was an economy class it was comfortable enough with lots of food, wine, snacks and good films to make the time fly!

I took a flight to San Fransico with a halt at Frankfurt. The Bangalore to Frankfurt leg had an acceptable quality of food and excellent Warsteiner Beer.

Food on Lufthansa’s ‘Bangalore Express’ is Indian and delicious.

The food was exceptional with two big meals both ways of the flight and various snacks in between. A meal served when I close to Frankfurt in which I had an excellent Asian vegetarian palate. All our meals & snacks, drinks (including alcohol), blankets, pillows, headphones, etc. were included in the price of the flight.


The TV entertainments were ideal as was the service including heating towels before each meal. Following the meal, I determined to check out the selection available in Lufthansa’s AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) in-flight entertainment system (IFE). AVOD had possibly the least amount of recent films of any I have seen. Kudos for embracing English subtitles on even English language films. I loved it, and it was fun after all. Good magazine and choice of newspapers were available.

Fastest WiFi Internet on AIR!

I connected to Lufthansa’s FlyNet WiFi Internet and browsed a few things on the web. I also uploaded some photos of the flight journey to social media.

Lufthansa has phenomenal seat control system which allows you to adjust every single aspect of your position, including the firmness, and it was pretty impressive for someone like me, who is a bit of a quirky sleeper. I reached Frankfurt Functional Airport in good shape. Frankfurt Airport was enormous and beautiful. I went to Terminal 2 on my way to the H throng. Even though I had lounge entree, my traveling partner and I (MacroTraveller) decided first to spend some time in the airport exploring the terminus.

Frankfurt to San Fransico!

The aircraft is the best plane in the skies at the moment. Super quiet, comfortable, spacious, sturdy, etc. About two hours into the flight the meal was distributed. I went for Asian vegetarian meal, and I was impressed with it, it was delicious.

Overflying Canada – Somewhere above Canada 40000 ft!

I turned on the tail camera for our final descent and looked out the window at beautiful San Francisco. I find Lufthansa to be much better. Seat comfort was outstanding and made the 11 hours experience a positive one. Both SFO and FRA were very quick in all procedures, and I enjoyed both airports for their traffic. Unfortunately, I was at the places with limited views.

Overall, I had an excellent flight, and I will be flying in Lufthansa in the future.



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