Foxtrot Gastro Pub Launches in Marathahalli

Foxtrot, a Gastro Pub of Subculture – Bangalore’s new address for good times! The gastropub is designed as a rooftop fraternity house for younger audiences. Foxtrot has something that not every restaurant can boast of, with warm, welcoming spaces and quirky details that evoke feelings of nostalgia & comfort; you may call it a home away from home if you like.The Décor of Foxtrot!

It’s designed by Atul Anand and his team, and the gastropub is ideal for corporate mavericks and those looking for an escape. Foxtrot at Marathahalli is a 4000 sq feet area and it offers unparalleled experiences that are bound to make it the “favorite get-away space” in Bengaluru. With a combined seating capacity for about 120 pax, each space possesses a unique character and resonates differently with different audiences, while maintaining consistency in design and concept.

Cuisine Highlights of Foxtrot!

The food is a global mix of small plates and some large plate options with a leaning towards forgotten hyper-local Indian origins. Foxtrot has a mélange of Indian dishes with global ingredients and vice versa. As the name Foxtrot suggests, the plates have a unique rhythm of mild and sharp spices.

Must visit for all to experience – Finest Food, Drinks, Music and the Ambience!


It has a wide selection of small plates, and it will leave you spoilt for choice. Revel in comfort street food served with a twist. Vegetarians can snack on Chowpati Bhel Bar made with aloo peanut chat and served with dried garlic chutney and Malasa White Peas Khasta Kachori with tomato fennel sauce or try the Jerk Spiced Cottage Cheese with coriander pesto for a fresh take on an age-old favorite.

Non-Vegetarians can opt for Injipuly Chicken Lollipops served with cucumber pachdi or Tellicherry mutton boti served with a coconut crisp & tomato ginger jam; both are perfect examples of the unique flavor combinations on the menu.

Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizza & Flatbread

For those who want to catch-up with friends over a quick meal, the selection of Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizzas, and Flatbreads is precisely what you’ll need. Vegetarians can try the Barbeque Cottage Cheese Burger served with fried pickles & green salad or opt for a healthier Peach & Sabudana Slider served with a cucumber & beans sprout Salad. For the Non-vegetarians, they recommend going all out with the Waffle Chicken Sandwich served with chimichurri salad and masala fries.

For vegetarians, the classic flavor combination in the Olive and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Pizza is one you can’t go wrong with. And for the non-vegetarians, the Meat Lovers Pizza made with chicken sausage, salami bacon & roasted onions will satisfy all your meat cravings.

Monster Fries

Spree on heavenly fries from the Monster Fries section, with exciting options from vegetarian 3 Cheese Fries and Kerela Chutney “Ketchup” Fries to non-vegetarian Chicken, Mushroom, and Cream Fries, and Lamb bolognaise & sour cream fries.

Large Plates

Are you looking to stay for a hearty feast? The selection of large plates has lots of options to serve your cravings. We vegetarians can opt for a simple Dal Makhni made with kidney beans mousse, served with garlic naan or try a contemporary twist on Peach, and Sabudana slider with cucumber and beans sprout salad.
The menu offers an array of Non-Vegetarian large plates. Savor the intense coastal flavors in the Fish Moilee served with curry leaf rice & kasundi jhalmoori and the Mutton Pepper Fry accompanied by Malabari paratha. Those open to experimenting can try the novel mix of ingredients in Beef Randang Curry Choorma Roti served with a sunny side up egg.

Sharing Platters

Foxtrot is obliged to be your favorite new spot to catch up with friends, and the sharing platters on the menu are sound for that. You can choose a classic Lebanese Mezze Platter, The Big Fry up a platter or the Grilled Sausage Platter. Yes, they have a platter for every mood!


End your meal with desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our Indian desserts are served with a global twist include Jalebi Churros with rabri fondue and Mango Basil Bhapa Doi with walnut crumble. Those who like to take a simple route can opt for an excellent old Flourless Chocolate Cake served with caramel mousse and milk skin or Crispy Waffle served with a fruit and nut compote, topped with mascarpone cream.

Amidst a long L-shaped Bar, Foxtrot is far more than just a neighborhood pub. To complement the gourmet food menu, the beverage menu has a mix of innovative signature cocktails, community cocktails, and classics, and all served with the perfect presentation.

Note: Here at Foxtrot a regular margarita doesn’t make the cut. The menu offers Mug-a-Ritas in three exciting forms – Man-lli Mug-a-Rita made with green chili & mango essence, Cabo Mug-a-Rita made with applewood & jalapenos, and Avocado Mug-a-Rita made with fresh avocado.

Whiskey enthusiasts can choose from unique cocktails like Root Forest Fog made with Hickory Wood smoked whiskey and What a Match(a) made with whiskey and Matcha Tea. Other signatures include Root of all Evil with a Bacardi & Martin Russo base, Cyberdog which is a twist on the classic G&T and Pop! made with Vodka, popcorn syrup, tea leaf & citrus juice.

Now, everyone can try Jelly and Popsicles! Jello Shots available in Pomegranate, Green Apple & Passion Fruit flavors and Loaded Popsicles in Blueberry, Honey & Mint, Lychee and Orange Flavours, provide a boozy spin on your favorite childhood confectionery.

The menu also offers classics like Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, Flavoured Martinis, Sangria and other cocktails along with a vast selection of spirits, wine & beer. For those who want non-alcoholic options, a variety of fresh mocktails and juices are available to relieve your thirst.

It’s different than being a restaurant with mouth-watering snacks and drinks. A foxtrot is a place where you might find friends and families enjoying brunch with live food counters. Here, you can enjoy excellent dance yoga sessions to keep you rooted in the essence of the brand.

Overall it’s a great place with good food, great ambiance, and friendly staff. I would love to visit this place more often. MacroTraveller strongly recommends this pub for an unforgettable pubbing experience, especially a pub which offers mind-blowing food is rare to find. MacroTraveller promises, Foxtrot always keep you engaged! And MacroTraveller can’t wait for the launch of its Koramangala branch, expected in a few months.

Foxtrot Address: 2nd Floor, NTR Royal Plaza, @Home Building, Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore – 560037

Phone: 9108136001/2/

Cost of meal for 2: 1400 plus taxes with alcohol

P.S : Images are shot by Foxtrot, not shot by #MacroTraveller



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