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Singapore is often regarded as a Garden City, with numerous species of trees and flowers all over the island, green parks, reserves and lush exhibitions of plants even indoors. For anyone visiting a place as wonderful as Singapore, there is an area that impacts particularly in that city because of the technological prowess that implies and the spectacular display of shows that take place there.

The Gardens Bay are a must see in Singapore, a place where natural elements blend with the modernity that characterises this Asian country, and stroll around in the afternoon and see nightfall when the lights give it an appearance Magical is priceless.


With an area of 100 hectares, Gardens by the Bay (Gardens Bay) is a green lung located in the futuristic city of Singapore, a young ecological project that was inaugurated in 2012 and that the government wanted to build to fill with life to this great city of skyscrapers. And the truth is that they have achieved it because it has been precious. A bus runs through the park to move us among the many attractions it offers.

Hundreds of plant species are exhibited in the Flower Dome, a 38-meter high greenhouse species that contains seven gardens with Mediterranean and tropical climate species, while the Cloud Forest consists of several Levels at which we find species that support humid and cold conditions in Southeast Asia, Central America and South America.

Supertree Grove Singapore!

Undoubtedly the best part of all and what most astonished us were these super futuristic trees, some vertical gardens some up to fifty meters high that give pure sensation. The vines are intertwined by the metallic arms of these giants, who imitate the behavior of a real tree thanks to its ecological system of photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy for its illumination and collecting rainwater to water the orchids, ferns and Other plants that adorn them. A real joy for the eyes.

MacroTraveller Tip: Do you dare to walk the panoramic catwalk of the central trees? It costs 5$.

OCBC Garden Rhapsody – Show in the Gardens of the Bay

But if by the day they surprise, at night these super trees come alive and leave you only gasping. If you have seen Avatar, you will seem like you have entered the forest of this film. Every day at 7:45 p.m. and at 8:45 p.m., there is a light, and sound show that is free, in which, with the rhythm of the music, the branches and branches of the trees are changing colour, not to be missed by anything world.

How to get to the show trees Gardens Bay? Very easy, leaving the walkway at the back of the Hotel Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show!

Arriving dinner time, as the prices of the restaurants are quite high we bought for dinner a box of sushi and varied Maki in the supermarket that is inside the shopping center of Marina Bay Sands, and we took the room for the water show, light and sound that is made in the bay right in the front of the hotel, with the Singaporean skyline in the background. Without a doubt, the best way to end the day. The schedules of this show (which is also free) are every day at 20:00 and 21:30 (Friday and Saturday also at 23:00).



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