Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

A true classic place to visit if you are in Singapore and you can have one of a kind experience in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Created in 2012 as a project to make Singapore into City of Garden and increase the quality of life, Gardens by the Bay is a true classic and one of a magical kind of experience once you enter. Situated near Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is an absolute magical experience and you will be wishing to stay more once you enter the Gardens.

Gardens by the Bay has an area of 101 hectares and is segregated into 3 parts. Bay South Garden, Bay Central Garden and Bay East Gardens, out of which Bay South Garden occupies most part I.e., approximately 54 hectares. There is a Bay Central Garden which acts as a connecting point between Bay East and Bay West Gardens respectively. With over 200,000+ plants of over 800+ Species, this place is one of the largest outdoor recreation areas in Singapore.

Bay South Garden gets more tourist annually as it has some amazing places to visit such as Supertrees, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome.

  • Supertree: Judging by the name, this is an artificial tree constructed and is a crown jewel at Garden By the Bay, there are over 18 Supertree at this garden and over 12 are in the cluster forming a Supertree Grove. Ranging from the height of 25m to 50m these trees occupy a special tourist place in the Gardens. It would be mesmerizing to view these trees at evening when roughly 150,000+ lights light up and provide a spectacular light show accompanied by music. The light show is conducted every day at 19:45 and 20:45 hence we suggest you do not miss this spectacular moment which is perfect for photography. Some of the tallest super trees even have a restaurant where you can dine in the midst of this spectacular view. These supertrees mimic the same as a real tree with its rainwater collection, use of sunlight etc Entry to Supertree is free also includes Light show
    OCBC Skyway
    : At 22 meters high, this Skywalk is one highlight in Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. This is a skywalk connecting 6 of Supertrees at Supertree grove where you can get up close with the plants present and also watch the beautiful Marina Bay from above. Open from 09:00 – 21:00 entry fee is 8SGD for Adults and 5SGD for Children. This is one of must experience in Supertree Grove which gives you a stunning view from the top.
  • Flower Dome:This is one of the two cooled conservatories of Gardens by the Bay. One of the largest greenhouse domes is perfect for many floral plants from Australia, Africa and other regions. Kept at a moderate temperature of around 23-25C and humidity around 60% this place is heaven for agriculture enthusiasts. The Dome is of egg-shaped and has natural cooling systems from rainwater collected by Supertrees. There are 7 different flower gardens and the flowers displayed here will keep changing based on seasons and festivals. Open from 09:00 to 21:00hrs entry to flower dome 38SGD for Adults and 15SGD for Children.


  • Cloud Forest Dome: One of the most impressive cooled conservatories of Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest Dome. Once you enter you will feel like you have entered a dense forest. Sometimes you will feel lost with the number of Plants present in this forest along with its perfect walkways. This temperature controlled zone is kept around 23-25C and humidity of 80-90% and is perfect for plants to thrive. One of the most impressive thing about the Cloud Forest Dome is its waterfall. With its gigantic size of around 35meters is one of the largest indoor waterfall present in Singapore. There is a cloud walking trail which takes you to the top of the dome where you can view the Forest from above, also there is a treetop walk which gives bird’s eye view of the park. Walking across this dome you can find Crystal Mountain Cave which has real stalagmites and is heaven for geologists to know more about earth’s formation, the rocks etc. There is Cloud Forest Theater which shows us a film of how to conserve and contribute to nature for a sustainable future.

Getting here

Being one of the most visited places, Gardens by the Bay has many connections. Tourists need to keep in mind that most of the attractions are open from 09:00 to 21:00hrs so plan your day accordingly.

You can take MRT from Circle line, get down at Bayfront Station and follow underway link to Exit B. After crossing DragonFly Bridge you can enter Gardens by the Bay.

If you stay at Marina Bay Sands then you can walk towards Gardens by the Bay by crossing Lions Bridge.


  • This is an ecological zone hence do not litter, do not smoke and do not touch the plants.

2 )You can consume food and drinks in Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as they are controlled conservatories in Singapore.

  • No aerial devices such as drone, helicopters or planes are allowed inside, hence please refrain before getting inside Gardens.







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  1. Sometimes I stand awe and marvel at creation and it’s product. I love Gardens by the Bay, it is a truly a classic and magical.I will hage an awesome experience here.

  2. I love gardens. Seeing garden at the bay attracts me more and gets more of my attention. I must visit Singapore soon. Thanks for this post Macro Traveller.

  3. i have never been to Singapore before..Gardens by the Bay is foreign to me..this piece just opened my eyes to paradise..

  4. This is a lovely one. Anywhere that the ambience is cool and I’m sure to want to unwind there. Will saved this page for future references.

  5. With all these wonderful pictures posted here, I would love to experience that magical moment at the Garden Bay situated near Marina Bay, Singapore.

    Thanks for sharing, MacroTraveller ?

  6. Gardens by the bay has to be one of the most famous places to visit in Singapore. I can’t count the number of times I have read about it.

  7. Gardens by the bay are by far my most favorite place in Singapore. Anyone visiting this place is in for a real treat. The photos look amazing too 🙂

  8. As someone who has seen this it is truly a masterpiece. I wonder how they maintain it though? It reminds me of Ygrassil. You know the magical tree from folklore? Wow.

  9. Oh my!, the Garden by the bay is a sight for sore eyes. The artistic works are really captivating and intriguing, won’t mind a visit at all.

  10. This is the way to go if we want to save our planet from global warming. Besides the aesthetics part of it, its a great way to make our planet a better place to live.

  11. Singapore definitely has it all. This is a perfect place for nature lovers out there who do not fancy hiking out to explore anything outside of the city.

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