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Hero6 Black is one of GoPro’s newest models, which just like the 360º Fusion camera, was released at the end of September 2017. With very welcome upgrades such as capturing 4K at 60 fps and 1080p at up to 240 fps, its main change is internal, where from now on, the cameras will be equipped with processors manufactured by GoPro itself.The GoPro is a reference for being the first camera of its kind to appear on the market with its versatility, durability, excellent quality capture and fantastic image stabilization sensors.


At first glance, the GoPro Hero6 Black is the same as Hero5 Black. The design has not changed from one generation to the next, allowing both cameras to share all the accessories. The Hero6 Black also offers water resistance without the need for a protective case, to a maximum depth of up to 10 meters. It continues to have only two buttons: the shutter button and the on-off / mode button.

On the backside, there is a two-inch touch-screen LCD that has received a slight upgrade and now displays more vivid and penetrating colors even in the sunlight. The sensitivity of the display has become acuter and allows navigation through the menus be easier. Hero6 Black also features the classic status screen on the front, where you can track usage information.


The great asset of this new camera is its GP1 processor, manufactured by GoPro itself. The change in this component allowed the Hero6 Black to capture videos in a combination of high resolution with high frame rate per second. It pretty much doubles the performance of its older sister, and now records videos at 4K 60 fps, 2.7K 120 fps, and 1080p at 240 fps.

The camera had optimized color and tone control, resulting in better dynamic range, extended by two stops. The auto exposure settings have also been updated, improving the use during rough passages of places with very / low light. Likewise, electronic image stabilization is now available in 4K 30 fps resolution and has proved quite useful, being a great ally of moving videos.

Improvements are not limited to video. The photos are better and now support the RAW format, ideal if you want more material to work on after processing. The ‘Linear’ option offers a less angled field of view, if you want more natural photos, without the classic ‘GoPro’ look.

Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing

Bluetooth, USB-C, Micro HDMI, Hero6 Black now comes with 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, significantly increasing the transfer of files to the smartphone. You can download heavy files in minutes. Despite the gain in speed, this Wi-Fi connection also consumes a lot of battery power, so it’s advisable to wait for the end of the day and transfer all the material at once through the USB-C cable.

The application even provides a useful live view of the sensor to remotely control the camera or frame its shots when the camera is out of range. There is not much delay in the transmission, and the experience has become more perfect than last year’s model. It’s still a bit annoying though, having to install the Quik application separately from the GoPro application for content creation.


As they share virtually the same design, Hero6 and Hero5 Black also use the same batteries. The autonomy is also comparable to the previous model. In our tests, the battery sustained continuous videos with about 1 hour and 45 minutes at 1080p / 30fps resolution. At higher resolutions, such as 4K / 60fps, the battery lasted about 50 minutes. The recharge is done via USB-C connection and takes nearly an hour to complete.


With a suggested price of 499$, GoPro Hero 6 Black is one of the best action cameras on sale. The highlight of this model is its new GP1 processor that allowed the optimization of the stabilization of the videos, as well as capture in 4K resolution at 60 fps, and Full HD at 240 fps; super slow motion. Perhaps the slow-motion feature does not make sense to all users and does not justify the investment of almost $ 600 more in the newer model. But if you work producing content, the possibility of slow motion is a differential of this model, and it makes up for the purchase of GoPro Hero6 Black.



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