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High Ultra Lounge is a fine dining restaurant that has carved a niche for itself in the spirits of people with its authentic Asian cuisine and is a fitting place for individuals who crave for yummilicious Thai, Japanese, and Korean dishes to be precise. The nightlife of the place is to die for, especially because of its rooftop seating. The fantastic staff works round the clock to give you a wholesome experience. The well-stocked bar paired up with a chic, perfect ambience take you to a different world of happiness.

Recently I was invited to be part of the 3rd-anniversary party for bloggers at High Ultra Lounge. High Ultra Lounge is first of its kind which located at the altitude of 421 feet over World Trade Tower at Malleswaram/Rajajinagar. The only entrance to the lounge is through World trade centre which is behind Orion Mall, and a lift takes you directly to the 31st floor. The lift has a see through glass that gives you a fantastic panoramic view of the city of the peaceful locality of Malleswaram and Rajajinagar.

Once as I exit the lift, there is a huge lobby and a staircase that heads to the 4 zones that high has partitioned into. It is a 20000 sq. ft. space divided into High View, High Edge, High Dine and High Mix. There is a replica of the same 20000 square feet area on the other side which is made for the banquet. The World Trade Centre has a helipad on top of Ultra High Lounge that makes it looks fashionably elegant for a place of such grandeur.

Champagne breakfasts, great cocktails, mesmerising music accompanied by the bites of culinary wizardry. The High Ultra Lounge experience has been designed to be sensorial, shifting moods through the day and the spaces, romancing the sun, the moon, and the sky. Redefining the sky lounge experience, to make guests feel on top of the world.

A Rendezvous of Korean Flavors!

High Ultra Lounge brings a Korean Food Festival to you. In case you didn’t know, Korean dishes regularly based on rice, vegetables, and meats. This cuisine will fulfil all your food fantasies for sure. To ensure that you get the perfect most out of your experience, Executive Chef Myo has handpicked a menu that includes a variety of delectable vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes from Korea.

Vegetarian Menu!

Stir-fried vegetable noodle with kimchee pepper sauce it was amazing, Vegetable Skewers with Spicy Kimchi Tamarind Sauce brilliant dish, it was too spicy indeed. Deep fried fresh potato slice with homemade kimchee chilli flake sauce & topped crispy onion, garlic, and scallion was quite good. Chef MYO special homemade vegetarian kimchee salad was excellent. I loved everything, and Noodles was perfect. 🙂

Non-Veg Menu!

Korean style chicken pops with Homemade BBQ sauce & scallion, Korean style fish pops with homemade kimchee lemon sauce, Stir-fried Chicken with Siracha Pepper Sauce, and Stir-fried Pork Loin with Kimchee Oyster Sauce on the side steam rice, kimchee, fried egg.

Served with the most decadent desserts like melon balls with cream topped with coconut ice cream and crushed pistachios.

So, head on over to High and delve into the aromas of Korean food at an enthralling height of 421 feet!

Date: Sunday, 28th May to 10th June 2017

Time: 5:30 PM onwards

Place: High Ultra Lounge 2500 AI for two

Cost: Rs. 2500 All Inclusive for two

For Reservations: Call – 080- 4567 4567 or +91 9900029373

Address: High Ultra Lounge, Roof Top, World Trade Centre, Brigade Gateway Campus, 26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram West, Bangalore




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