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Sterling offers unique experiences at each of their resorts, ensuring you always holiday differently. With the concept of holiday differently, it aims to cater to changing aspirations.

Sterling Holidays have revamped themselves to suit the needs of today’s travel needs and is now known as the Sterling Holiday Differently. They are now a contemporary brand with a new service conception of delivering unique travel ‘Experiences and Discoveries’ in the areas of local folk, tribes, culture, cuisine, art, history, nature, and adventure. Well, a vacation can be much more to it. Travelling and holidaying is all about exploring places, knowing its history, learning more about the local tribe, eating local cuisine and going for safaris.

Sterling: Fuel the Joy of Discovery!

Experiencing the destination, living life like the inhabitants, holiday differently is what we want to do these days. And Sterling holidays have pulled up this vibe at the right time. Sterling holidays have changed their logo, theme, their travel options and much more so we get to #HolidayDifferently.

It was #MacroTraveller pleasure to be a part of the launch of #HolidayDifferently in Bengaluru where the Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Peshwa Acharya of Sterling and his team unveiled the concept in the midst of travel bloggers and other travel enthusiasts.

The New Sterling Logo!

The first thing to notice was the colorful new logo that has been designed to match their vision. The change in Sterling was focused on Youthfulness, Minimalistic, Contemporary and Dynamic. The logo is a dynamic “Swirl” that reminds one of the pinwheel, which relates one to their childhood memories.

The pinwheel symbolizes People, Experiences, and Places, which are the key brand pillar. Colors used in the logo have been identified to align with the pillars of the brand.
  • Royal Purple, the dominant colour stands of rich experiences and discoveries.
  • Warm Red, embodies desire and passion, representing the people.
  • Bright Yellow represents the energy of diverse places.

As quoted by Sterling’s Managing Director Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan, “We’ve not taken the usual blues, browns, and greens like the other leading resorts and holiday companies. We’ve taken a contemporary route and opted for dynamic purple, orange and yellow in our quest to be the ultimate holiday brand in India.”

Discovery Mascot!

“Raja Rex” is Sterling’s new ‘discovery mascot.’ The genesis of the mascot, Raja Rex, is from “Rajasaurus Narmadensis” (a dinosaur of Indian Origin). Raja Rex, the discovery mascot is a cute way to communicate about the discoveries and experiences. This cute, naughty, friendly and inquisitive dino will meet and help the resort guests discover new activities and experiences.

Sterling Discoveries!

They offer unique travel experiences at every resort that will ensure that traveler always holiday differently. To make it more clear, they share unique offering at some of their resorts.

Sun, Sand & Grill at Sterling Puri – Travellers can enjoy sweeping views of the coast while indulging in a great barbeque spread prepared by the chef.

Star Gazing at Sterling Corbett – Cosy tents and endless skies which will make anyone feel one with the universe.

Tea Trail at Sterling Darjeeling – Trails across tea estates, understanding what goes into a cup of aromatic tea and taste some of the most delicate tea from the region.  The resort also offers best of views of Kanchenjunga as it’s located at Darjeeling’s highest point.

Apart from the resorts mentioned above, they also shared unique offering at some of the relatively unknown holiday destinations.

Dindi – Dwelled along the river ‘Godavari,’ it resembles backwaters found in Kerala.

Kufri – Scintillating Summers and Snowy Winters.

Unexpected Surprises: 100 Days of Joy!

India is a diverse country with plenty of festivities and celebrations happenings throughout the year. Sterling has a calendar of 100 days of festivals and events which serve as a reason to celebrate and surprise the guests.

These days would not be the festival days but would be something unique that Sterling offers its visitors. This will leave a lasting impression in the mind of people visiting and have cherished memories. I had never come across any resort taking this approach. These actions will significantly increase the repetition of holiday seekers to Sterling Holidays & Resorts.

Holiday Insurance!

First company in India to offer door to door holiday insurance! Sterling along with its insurance partner would be providing a complete insurance cover for guests during their holidays. From the time we leave home, to staying at the resort, experiencing the destination and getting back home, we are covered. Safe!

What Exactly is Holidaying Differently? Watch the videos here to know –

Sterling Dindi

Sterling Darjeeling

Sterling Manali

Having understood all about the Sterling holiday differently, all we travel enthusiasts then gathered up to discuss what our favorite pick is.


So plan your next getaway with Sterling and see for yourself how you can Holiday Differently! Thank you Thrillophilia and Sterling Holiday Differently for inviting to be part of this event.






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