Honor 8 Pro:Premium Smartphone With competitive Price

The competition in the high-end smartphones does not stop growing and, despite that, prices increase year after year. In our review of Honor 8 Pro, we will know a different proposal. The Honor 8 Pro offers us similar characteristics, and even superior, to the star models of this 2017, but with a considerably lower price.

The Honor 8 Pro is a smartphone of a significant size, with a screen of 5.7 inches with 2K resolution. Its Kirin processor 960, the 6 GB of RAM that it mounts and storage of 64 GB draws a special file of the highest level, in which there is not an extended battery of 4,000 mAh and EMUI 5.0 like operating system, based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Honor is a brand of Huawei born to conquer the younger audience, which is usually the most demanding because they are not willing to pay what is needed but looking for products that offer more than could be expected in principle for the price tag label. In short, the ingredients are obvious: specifications of vertigo and price below the average, where is the trick? We checked this in-depth analysis of Honor 8 Pro.

A large smartphone with a luxury design!

The Honor 8 Pro is a phone with a 5.7-inch screen, so it can be considered a phablet for its ample size. Of course, it is not suitable for anyone who wants a smartphone to handle with one hand. But it is clear that many users are asking for large mobiles, so consumers will well receive the Honor 8 Pro.

The feeling of holding the Honor 8 Pro is perfect, thanks to its aluminum body and its glass screen, which opts for an elegant 2.5 effect to round the edges. It is a very thin telephone (only 6.97 mm) and relatively light (184 g). The fingerprint reader is located in the rear casing, which to us seems a comfortable position, although there are users who prefer the front sensors.

Also in the rear area is the dual camera, which does not protrude from the body of Honor 8 Pro, something that is always positive. On the right side we see the unlock and volume buttons, and on the left the slots for SIM cards and micro SD.

On the lower edge the USB Type-C port for charging and data, a speaker and an audio jack have been placed. It is good news, of course, that the possibility of connecting standard headphones is maintained. At the top, we locate an infrared transmitter, which allows us to control devices, such as our television or air conditioning, through the Honor 8 Pro.

Screen? Much more than a good display!

The diagonal of the screen of Honor 8 Pro reaches up to 5.7 inches, land that until very little was associated with the appellation of “phablet” and that has gained market share during the last months demonstrating that there are many users interested in buying mobiles with huge screens.

The screen of Honor 8 Pro is of a very high quality, which is undeniable. But it cannot compete with other models that no longer focus on resolution or contrast but different proposals. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was the first smartphone to almost entirely do without the frames, the LG G6 has done something similar, with an ultra-panoramic screen and rounded corners as extras, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 has added to all these slightly curved sides.

Honor bets on this smartphone by an IPS LCD panel of a quality very close to the outstanding for its excellent viewing angles or its level of luminosity that makes that we can use it almost without mishaps in outdoor in the sunlight. The 2K resolution guarantees maximum clarity, and the viewing angles are wide, I can see Honor 8 Pro perfectly from any position.

I’m delighted with the screen of Honor 8 Pro, which is perfect for watching videos or enjoy games for their size and high quality. But, with such a large work area, it is clear that it is also suitable for working in comfort since it allows you to write emails or other texts at high speed.

Excellent Performance at the highest level!

A RAM is complemented with Kirin 960 processor with eight cores (four 2.4GHz and 1.8GHz four), which is the same top carrying other terminals range as the Mate 9 and Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. That is to say: a great processor of the maximum of range for a mobile that does not arrive at the full spectrum in price. Or what is the same: more power for less price.

Therefore, we can expect a high flow of the system, that no app will resist us, and that the games will work correctly. In this sense, and when the experience is so good, there is little to comment. All the high range offers excellent performance, and the Honor 8 Pro is up to it and even surpasses it in certain aspects. As for software, the Honor 8 Pro comes with Android 7.0 Nougat with EMUI 5.1 layer. This does not overload the smartphone of additional apps and presents a great variety of personalization. It is a good combination.

Besides, the Honor 8 Pro has fast charge, something very comfortable for when we need to have the mobile working in a short time. Fast charging achieves its best results during the first few moments of charging, which can save us if we have to go somewhere and only have a few minutes next to a plug.

The Dual Camera that makes the difference!

The dual cameras have become fashionable, but they are not at all a publicity stunt or a dispensable element but decisively improve photographs of smartphones. The camera of Honor 8 Pro is very similar to the one that the Huawei P10 mounts, and that is a guarantee. In this case, Leica technology, which brings its expertise in the world of photography on Huawei’s premium models, has not been incorporated, but the Honor 8 Pro camera also offers excellent quality.

However, the Honor 8 Pro camera works differently, and takes only one type of image, but with a superior result. One of its 12-megapixel sensors works in color, and the other one captures monochrome images. By joining, we get very high-quality pictures, even when light conditions are poor, and we can apply professional effects like bokeh.

The sound of Honor 8 Pro is good, of course. Thanks to its considerable size, the loudspeaker offers high volume, sounds convincing, without distortion and generates a bass that is not bad on a mobile device. If we add the broad screen of Honor 8 Pro, it represents a great option to watch series, movies or video clips, or enjoy video games.

The Honor 8 Pro brings like operating system Android 7.0 Nougat, the most recent edition, and that has been implemented in a form more than correct. Overall, we like smartphones to use an Android version as close as possible to Google’s original, but the EMUI personalization layer, which Honor and Huawei use, is very different.

The Honor 8 Pro includes a high-speed fingerprint sensor, located in the back area. Although the smartphone is large, it is easy to find, as it is slightly sunken. It also offers extra exciting features. For example, we can make gestures in the fingerprint reader itself that let you lower the notification bar, take photos or answer calls, among other possibilities.

The Honor 8 Pro is a genuinely competitive smartphone. We have to give up two aspects such as water resistance and the new borderless screens of models like the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 but, overall, we think a highly recommended purchase. After analyzing in depth the Honor 8 Pro we see it as one of the models with the best value for money within the high range.

Honor is clear about what the recipe is for conquering the most demanding user. With its amazing technical data (Processor, RAM, and Storage), its wide screen of high quality and a premium finishes, it is clear that it is a smartphone to consider. But to that must be added a generous battery, the accurate and current version of Android mounts and, above all, the dual camera, which makes Honor 8 Pro one of the smartphones that any buyer should consider.

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