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We are facing, possibly, the best smartphone that the Honor Company has put on the market to date. I will tell you the impressions that this device has left me with a large screen.

The truth is that this foray into the high range of the Chinese company offers options that are most interesting as, for example, the use of a Huawei own processor that allows you to use artificial intelligence when executing operations (What with the passage of time and the corresponding learning is noted). The case is that the Honor View 10 is a model that can compete against all mobile devices currently on the market without the slightest problem and also has a price that is quite attractive.

The Honor View 10 rivals OnePlus 5T in its specification and design, while bringing an oriental touch to the software, and all for less than $500. MacroTraveller’s review of Honor View 10!

Honor View 10 – DesignCalled the View 10 in other markets, the View 10 looks pretty good. Our unit has a dark blue metallic tone that glows on the front around the screen and has a more reflective matte finish on the back. The corners and sides are quite rounded, and the phone is thick enough to leave room for the headphone jack on the bottom.

Other colors are available, but this dark blue is excellent: underestimated at first sight and then flashy. The backrest, with only the Honor logo in the middle and the dual chamber configuration in the corner, where both lenses open individually, is especially lovely. Yes, that could mean that the lens is in danger of scratches, but it certainly gives the Honor View 10 a different look.

On the front of the device are the sensors that allow us to use a facial recognition that we found tremendously effective (although somewhat slower than some models of the competition), and the fingerprint reader that also works perfectly, is at the bottom of this location.

Honor View 10 – Hardware

The processor that is inside this smartphone is a Kirin 970 eight-core that works at a maximum frequency of 2.4 GHz, and that it has a Mali-G71 MP12 GPU inside, so the power is not precisely little in the Honor View 10. The chosen RAM is 4 or 6 GB, so neither does the device weaken here. Similar to the Huawei Mate 10 here? Well, the truth is that enough and, as with this, is used to the NPU chip additional-and to take advantage of several applications. This allows a most positive experience that, besides, the more time and use is given to the terminal, is improving.

The storage also offers duality, since it is possible to make models of 64 or 128 GB (nothing less, and above expandable), and the truth is that the effectiveness in writing and reading processes have convinced us a lot. In what has to do with connectivity, there is not much to blame the Honor View 10, since it has everything necessary including NFC. The charge of your battery is 3,750mAh, something that has left me a very good feeling because the autonomy is extensive and exceeds the day of use without any problems (by the way, it does not lack, fast loading). This is the best of the smartphone.

Honor View 10 – Screen

The screen of Honor View 10 is 5.99 inches, and the IPS panel that has been used in the front (which occupies almost 79% of this part of the terminal), has a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080, so is met despite not making the jump to QHD. The visual experience that we have obtained with the device is quite good and does not detract from the brightness that it offers. As for the sound, the built-in speaker offers a reasonable quality.

Honor View 10 – Camera

The main camera of the smartphone is composed of two sensors: one of 16 megapixels RGB (F: 1.8) and another of 20 Mpx monochrome, where there are options such as PDAF, LED type flash and possibilities as the use of HDR (of course, e reference to Leica). The results I have obtained are outstanding in almost all kinds of situations, where it has convinced me especially with Macro-type shots and the excellent execution of the HDR – in low light he loses a bit of definition. By the way, it does not lack the option to use portrait mode. In what has to do with the recording, the maximum quality that is achieved with the Honor View 10 is 2160p at 30 frames per second.

The application that comes with the device is useful and straightforward, which is what is sought by users. The sensor in charge of selfies reaches 13 megapixels with an aperture of F: 2.0 that does not lack the bokeh effect and, the truth is that it has convinced me enough what I have achieved when using it, but it is not the best on the market.

Special Features: Artificial Intelligence, Dramatic changes, fluid experience without changes.

Honor V10 equipped with the latest EMUI 8.0 based on the Android 8.0 system, and the version number jumped from prefixes 5 to prefixes 8, the change should not be underestimated. That’s right, not only has the lower part of the latest version of Android 8.0 been updated, but the new EMUI has been fully optimized for the full-screen AI experience for a smarter mobile experience.

Honor V10 is 3G and 4G capable. This smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver, and Honor V10 comes with near field communications (NFC) functionality to transfer content with other NFC enabled devices. This Huawei smartphone does not have an FM radio receiver.

If you wait for the change in the desk, you may be disappointed. Bright screen to unlock the primary interface of EMUI 8.0 still maintains the previous style, the desktop optimized for the full-screen adaptation, the old user is very intimate with it. As always, a fluid experience, as always, clean style, is also soft and comfortable to use.

The voice assistant, which has been in the system for a long time, suddenly becomes especially useful under the blessing of artificial intelligence. The voice assistant EMUI 8.0 “Small E” is compatible with the voice alarm and the screen alarm clock. Just say “hello, E small” can activate the voice assistant without touching the phone, and support for volume adjustment of voice, send WeChat, Weibo, and other more detailed instructions.

The addition of artificial intelligence brings a sense of freshness to family EMUI, ubiquitous perception and prediction, and it seems that the system can understand what you are thinking and what you want to do. Still fluid, but it has a pleasant surprise.


The Honor View 10 is the absolute flagship of Huawei brand. But it’s even more: With the device, Honor has turned the right screws to successfully differentiate itself from the Huawei counterpart, the Mate 10 Pro. Unlike the Honor 9, the View 10 is not a belated “imitation” of the main model.

But if you’re looking for great features and performance on a budget, the Honor View 10 stands alongside the OnePlus 5T. The Honor View 10 is a smartphone with an individual touch, but a proven class. This package comes at a price that is very difficult to beat in the Indian market.



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  1. I love the sensor detection and the powerful processor. The 16 megapixels camera and built in GPS are great features as well. I’m sure this phone will get a positive reception.

  2. You did a great job with this review, you gave a comprehensive information about honor v10 which will enable users know what they are really buying. I like the features of honor V10,will go for it if need be.

  3. Strangely enough I was on a mobile shop yesterday and I saw Huawei. Quiet frankly I have not heard or even used this product before so I may not be an authority here. With that said, it does not mean that I am not entertaining new brands. I guess I will be open to use this and besides I love the design of this.

  4. I didn’t know about Honor until coming across this article. Wow, this smartphone is pretty much terrific!

  5. Honor view 10 phone is really a view to thril,I love both the designs an the camera specification.I love phones with good a camera with two censors,one is sure of having good photos and shots.

  6. Nice review! I think this has to be Huawei’s best phone to date. Impressed with its camera features, as it can go head to head not only with OnePlus, but also I think with an IphoneX. The 5.99 inches screen cannot also go unnoticed. Will definitely consider this model when I decide to purchase a new phone!

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