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Grand Hyatt Taipei is a typical example of a mega hotel in the Far East. Towering over the hill, the vast palace looking down at the city of Taipei is such that 856 rooms are named “Grand Rooms” as the most humble thing. There is no “intimacy” or “funkiness” here. But the fact that small hotels are not always better is not sure until you experience this large-scale service.

The reception lobby is full of classic luxuries that are common with the Grand Hyatt such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, and others, featuring the same taste. Grand Hyatt is not only one or two, and they are proud of six restaurants – from excellent Asian cuisine to traditional Italian. Not just the health club but also full-time doctors are waiting in the same way. The location next to the World Trade Center, close to shopping and entertainment district is ideal for both business and leisure. The hotel has been refurbished and is light and comfortable. It is close to MRT station and 101 shopping district. There are plenty of choices for shopping, entertainment, and food.

My Room!

The modern and spacious room is fully equipped with broadband and satellite TV, along with a beautiful city view. The fitness center has the best health club in Taipei, with comprehensive training facilities, an outdoor swimming pool with underwater speakers, and a wide range of spa treatments. However, although the interior decoration of the guest room is luxurious, it seems that features like the ceiling being low and narrowing are also standard. Business facilities also will not disappoint expectations – in fact, and I hope that this is my real office. Room service and room cleaning are also more satisfied. The next time you come to Taipei, you should still be your first choice for your stay.

I think the big bathroom should also be one of the Hallmarks of Grand Hyatt. The bathroom was my favorite part of the room with a separate shower and bathtub looking out into the city. The bathroom was huge with tub, walk-in shower, toilet and sink with enough space for toiletries. With lots of mirrors and lighting.


The offer at the breakfast buffet is huge and of the highest quality – a real paradise! The restaurant’s texture is perfect, and it feels great when dining at the Cafe House, the service staff are accommodating and very friendly, the dining environment is clean, the meals are also delicious and worth recommending. The buffet breakfast is famous and delicious. The variety of delicious breakfasts is superb. Chinese and Western hot foods, salads, and even Japanese soup meals are all very full. The Cocktail reception at the club in the evening was very comprehensive, and you could have had enough to eat.

There are Yun Ji and Ziga Ziga restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and mixed restaurants in Grand Hyatt. Do not underestimate, and there are famous snacks in Taiwan, Western food, Hong Kong style, Japanese style, and others. There is also a juice bar – where you can get freshly squeezed juices, too, from quite exotic Southeast Asian fruits, and mixed in every imaginable combination. Besides, you can enjoy such amenities as separate check-in, in-room Wi-Fi, and in the business lounge. In this, you also get the breakfast or snacks and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere away from the large bustling restaurants.


The leisure facilities are extensive, and the hotel bar stands out pleasantly from the usual standard. Good live music is offered every night. Despite its size, the hotel’s facilities and excellent service create a relaxed atmosphere that does not cause stress.

The gym and pool (outdoor) are both excellent, with different rooms in the gym for weights, machines, bikes, etc. The massage service provided is unique and has a spa with wet and dry sauna plus two pools at different temperatures.

All the staff I encountered was hospitable. I did not find anything negative to say about this hotel. I would go back without hesitation. Many thanks to all the staff at Grand Hyatt Taipei for an unbeatable stay! I enjoyed my stay and will return. MacroTraveller highly recommends the Grand Hyatt, Taipei, especially when there for an important business trip.



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  1. I stayed here when i went to taipei a few months ago. I didn’t want to leave anymore— the experience was that rich!

  2. I’m sure you had a very great time having an unforgotten experience here. This is a beautiful place and any money spent here is worth the pay. The rooms are really cool and cozy .

  3. I had the opportunity to experience this place when I was in Taipei for a business trip. Seeing these photos make me reminisce my experience there. I totally recommend this hotel.

  4. Nice hotel here, it can’t get better with a hotel like this. The hotel here is really relaxing and should be what the body will take pleasure in. The food is really pleasing to the eyes.

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