How to Plan your trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka an officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. An island country is located in the Indian Ocean, Southwest of Bay of Bengal and Southeast of Arabian Sea. With History of around 3000 years and pre-historic settlement of 125,000 years the country has a lot to offer for people who want to study the history of countries. With its rich history and heritage, Sri Lanka has its old Buddhist writing which dates back to 29BC. It’s harbour being a part of Ancient Silk Road shows how well it had its place in history, the country is now a part of present Maritime Silk Road.

Sri Lanka has a history of its rulers and it dates back to Paleolithic, Mesolithic and early Iron Ages. Sri Lanka was a part of Indian Epic Sanskrit Script, Ramayana which had an important part to contribute for this epic script. The nation of Sri Lanka was then part of Anuradhapura Kingdom, Chola, Pandya and Pallava until 993AD. After 993AD it was under the rule of the Polonnaruwa Kingdom who ruled until 1505AD. Their period of rule saw growth in Sri Lanka with development of Lanka whilst facing many wars with kingdoms trying to gain control of the nation.

After the fall of Polonnaruwa Kingdom, the period of Modern Sri Lanka began with the arrival of Portuguese Explorers and Dutch Explorers who gained access to major part of Sri Lanka. Later after years of being under Dutch rule, Sri Lanka was then under control of the British Kingdom. During the British Period, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon. The British took control of Ceylon during 1796AD and was one of place where there was trade flourished and many of coffee plantations were set up and exported. Later when disaster struck this coffee cultivation, the British grew Tea along these plantations and it quickly became a source of income as Tea was cultivated easily.

The British ruled Ceylon gained independence during the 20th Century where The Soulbury Constitution provided Dominion Status in the year 1948 and the name was changed from Ceylon to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka gained Republic status in the year 1972. The Country flourished since they gained independence which faced many challenges, and is now one of the major tourist attraction due to its majestic hill-stations and beaches. Its moderate climate due to ocean winds is one of the reasons why people visit this country and is known to be one of the tourist-friendly nations to visit.

Due to its tourist recognized nation, there will be an inflow of tourist every year to visit this beautiful Island Nation. Indians can visit this beautiful country as there are many direct flights from various cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, New Delhi etc. Starting from 10,000INR for the flights, there are over 40+ daily flight service from various flight companies.

Visa:Indians visiting Sri Lanka can apply for Visa on Arrival, however, they need to first apply for Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before stepping into the shores of Sri Lanka. The application and authorization are available online and it takes as less as 30minutes for processing. To apply for ETA you need Valid Passport, Digital Photo, Email address which is valid and is in use. A maximum number of days where Indian tourist can visit Sri Lanka holding valid ETA is 30 days and ETA is valid 180 days from date of application. Alternatively, people can visit Sri Lanka by applying for a Single Entry and Double Entry visa which costs around 55$ to 100$ depending on the type of visa applied and processing period.

It is advisable to apply for Book your flight ticket beforehand and apply for Visa around 180 days before the travel date so that you would have time for processing and acceptance of visa, alternatively you can apply for ETA which takes less than an hour for processing and ETA is valid for 30 days of travel.



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