How to travel to Pai, Thailand     

Pai is a small town in the North of Thailand located in Mae Hong Son Province.  This is one of the places where you can find cool climate along with lots of places to visit and Pai River runs here at the city which makes this one of the best tourist destinations to visit if you are in Northern Thailand.  Accessible by road, Pai lies in the route of Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son and it’s considered one of best places to have a pit stop.  Once a quiet market this town had inhabitants of ethnic Thai, now considered backpackers heaven.

Pai is situated in a hillside region which makes the weather perfect for every person who visits there, also there several waterfalls and hot springs here that makes you explore the beautiful town every day. Often busy in December, the best time to visit Pai is during the cooler months of November to late February.  Pai is one place away from ever-busy Southern Thailand that people come over here rest, relax, do yoga and eat healthy food. The cheaper accommodation, good quality food and easily accessible by foot makes people stay here longer than expected.

Getting to Pai

Pai lies in the stretch of road that connects Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. It is accessible by road and by air. There are two flights operated daily by Wisdom Airways that starts with Chiang Mai and lands in the sleepy town of Pai.  However, most of the people prefer to visit this town by land as it has beautiful scenery to view while driving across the hills which have around 760 curves. The travel time would be around 3.5-4 hrs where you can travel by Mini-Bus, Bus, Taxi or your rented two-wheeler.

As a pit stop for Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son route, this route is untouched by heavy tourist influx and can explore this authentic Thai landscapes, waterfalls, caves etc.  If you want to get here quickly then chose the flight which will take around 25-30 minutes, ride across this route takes 3.5 to 4hrs depending on the route and roads. However as this place has less traffic compared to other cities and towns in Thailand, you can get here quickly. However, we recommend if you have motion sickness then we recommend you to carry sick bags or better travel by flight.



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