How to buy Tickets at Tokyo DisneyLand and DisneySea in Japan

In this context, we provide you with complete details of the Park tickets to enter Disneyland/Disney Sea Tokyo.

People visiting Tokyo Disneyland need to purchase tickets before making their entry to the amusement/theme park. The tickets to Tokyo Disney land can be purchased online or can be availed at the ticketing booth located at the entrance of the park.

Note: The tickets here are called Passport, hence we will use the same name before clarifying any confusion.

Passports must be purchased by any guests before entering the park only exception is that any children whose age is 3 and below can enter the theme park for free.  The passports are divided into Child, Junior, Adults and Senior where Child 4-12, juniors are aged from 12-17, Adults from 18-65 and seniors 65 and above.

Single Day Passports

  • 1 Day Passport

1 Day Passport can be purchased online/booth where this grants entrance to either Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea. This ticket cannot be used to enter both of the parks as this is not valid.

The passport price for Child is around 45US$, Junior is around 60US$, Adults is around 69US$ and senior passport is priced around 62US$.

  • Starlight Passport

Starlight Passport days are Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays. These days are designated as Starlight Days and you can purchase Starlight Passport to enter the theme park.  The Starlight passport is valid for anyone of the theme park, where you can visit either Disneyland or Disney Sea. You cannot use the same passport to enter both of the theme parks. 2 types of passports can be purchased for Starlight Days entrance. These include

Use from 15:00hrs where the passport price is as follows:

Child – 33US$, junior – 44US$ and Adults – 50US$

Use from 18:00 hrs where the passport price is same for Child, Junior and Adults where it is priced around 39US$.

Multi-Day Passports

  • 2-Day passports

This is a passport where you can visit both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea for 2 days or both the parks in 1 day. The tickets are priced at 80US$ for Child, 108US$ for junior and 122US$ for adults.

  • 3-Day Magic Passport

Use the 3-day magic passport where you can enter both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea for 3 consecutive days.  However, the ticket has no valid admission for both the parks on the first and second day, but on the third day, you can visit either of the parks as per your wish.  The tickets are priced at 108US$ for Children, 144US$ for juniors and 165US$ for Adults.

  • 4-Day Magic Passport

Similar to 3- Day Magic pass you can visit both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on 3 consecutive days, however, you cannot visit both on the first and second day. On 3rd and 4th day, you can visit both the parks as you wish. The tickets for a 4-day magic passport is priced at 135US$ for Children, 181US$ for juniors and 208US$ for Adults.

Annual Passport

  • 2-Park Annual passport

Use the 2 parks annual passport to visit both the parks i.e. Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea for complete one year. However, the annual passport cannot be used during Annual passport blackout dates which can be checked online before visiting the park. 2-Park annual passport is priced at 521 US$ for children, 832US$ for juniors/ Adults and 695US$ for seniors.

  • Tokyo Disneyland Annual passport

You can visit Disneyland for one year using Tokyo Disneyland annual passport. However, you cannot visit during Annual Passport Blockout days. The tickets to Disneyland Annual passport is priced at 366US$ for Children, 567US$ for Junior/Adults and 475US$ for seniors.

  • Tokyo DisneySea Annual passport

You can visit DisneySea for one year using Tokyo DisneySea annual passport. However, you cannot visit during Annual Passport Blackout days. The tickets to DisneySea Annual passport is priced at 366US$ for Children, 567US$ for Junior/Adults and 475US$ for seniors.

Group Passports

There is a special value for the guests who wish to visit Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea in groups of over 25 and above. The guests can visit either Disneyland or DisneySea on a single day, however, they cannot cover both the parks on a single day. The group passports are priced at 40US$ for the child, 52US$ for junior and 62US$ for adults.

How to Purchase tickets

You can purchase the park tickets online where after purchasing you need to take a print out. The tickets can be purchased online anytime/anywhere. This allows you to bypass the ticketing booth with ease. Additionally, online tickets are helpful when you need to make changes including last-minute changes where no handling fee will be charged.

You need to have a print out of the ticket where you would have QR code printed, scan it to enter the park premises. You can even upgrade this to FastPass Ticket for free of charge. The Fastpass allows you to skip the long lines and experience the attraction quickly, however, the catch here is that the FastPass ticket holders will have to use the attraction within the stipulated time. If you miss using the FastPass within the stipulated time, the FastPass tickets will become invalid.

At certain shows, Lottery is held for free from designated viewing areas on Disneyland and DisneySea. To avail this, you must use the park tickets from day 1.

Sometimes while you are roaming and exploring you might have exited from the park, however, if you need to re-enter, you need to show the ticket and the stamp on the hand. The hand stamp will be done on your entrance of the park.

Purchasing Advance tickets

You can purchase advance tickets 3 months before your intended travel date. The advance tickets have 2 options Open Tickets and Fixed-Date Tickets. Open Tickets allow you to visit the park on any day if the dates are not specified.  The ticket will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase however, the Open ticket holders will not be admissible when the admission to the park is restricted.  The Fixed Date ticket is when you can purchase the tickets with specific dates mentioned.  This form of a ticket will allow you to visit the park even when the admission is restricted.  If you are unable to visit the park on the mentioned date you can change it to another date as long as the ticket is invalid time.

To purchase the tickets at the ticket booth.

There are two places where you can purchase the tickets at the ticketing booth. East Gate Reception and Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Center.  You can purchase a group ticket both at Disney Land and Disney Sea.

If you are not willing to purchase tickets at the booth, you can purchase the tickets at Outlets such as Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza at Kitasaku-gun and Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu at Kisarazu-si.

For any changes to be made you can make the same at the Park Entrance and also if you have purchased online you can make the changes online. Kindly note the changes can be made within the stipulated time and you cannot make the changes to the day after the ticket expiration date. The changes made at the booth will cost you 2US$ which is charged as handling fees and the changes made online for e-ticket is free of charge.



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