ICICI Academy for Skills to train youth for better employment opportunities

ICICI Academy for skills trains over 7000 underprivileged youth in Tamil nadu. ICICI Academy for Skills (ICICI Academy) is an institute set up by the ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth to provide vocational training to the youth from economically weaker sections to help them earn a sustainable livelihood. The Academy at Coimbatore aims to provide industry relevant practical training to the underprivileged youth with a capacity to train 56 batches with nearly 1800 students undergoing training, annually.

I had an opportunity to visit the ICICI Academy in Jaipur (last year) which is the first center in India that was set up in October 2013. It was part of the CSR initiative by ICICI Bank. The ICICI Academy in Jaipur was located on 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the ICICI building.

Speaking about this initiative, Ms. Chanda Kochhar, Chairperson of the Governing Council, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth and Managing Director & CEO, ICICI Bank said: “We recognized skill development as an important area of focus as part of our efforts in the nation’s socio-economic development. Bridging the critical gap between human resources availability and employability is important to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities for everyone to grow and prosper.”

With this focus, emerged the idea of setting up skill academies for vocational skill building, and ICICI Academy for Skills was launched in 2013. They took a holistic approach to their efforts, and apart from providing free of cost job-oriented training, they are ensuring that these underprivileged youths can find employment upon completing training. The job is arranged through their network of industry partners. Through the skill academies, they are providing training in 11 skills – 7 technical and 4 in office skills. They have significantly scaled-up their training capabilities over the years, and currently, there are 24 skill academies across the country.

Now, through ICICI Academy for Skills, Rural Initiative and their Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs), they have trained over 1.9 lakh youth with more than 55% women. Of course am proud to say that by March 2018, they aim to achieve a milestone of training over 2.5 lakh youth. It’s an extraordinary feat.

I entered the ICICI Academy, and my first reactions were like I entered an MNC with State of the Art Technology infrastructure. I was well greeted by the Centre Head and the faculty of ICICI Academy – Coimbatore. The Team was very enthusiastic and full of life and zest. The Team was courteous enough to give me a walk-through thru ICICI Academy.

Then, I entered the class in progress and began interacting with the students who were well groomed with ample amenities provided to them to help them study and excel as well. While my interaction with the students, lots of amazing experiences and stories of students came up where most of the students are from deep interior villages that they didn’t get a chance to live a life or learn the skills to work. The ICICI Academy team has done such fantastic job in hunting for such students and recommending them to visit the center and enroll the three months course based on their interest and make them as Trained professional to be ready to work with hands-on industry type experience.

Skills Trained at ICICI Academy, Coimbatore!

The Academy at Coimbatore aims to provide relevant and practical training to the underprivileged youth in six skills: refrigeration and air conditioning repair, electrical and home appliance repair, central air conditioning, pumps and motor repair, two and three-wheeler service technician and selling skills. It can train over 56 batches annually. The duration of the training is three months. To be eligible for these courses, one has to pass at least standard 8 and be between 18 and 30 years of age. All the training programmes include training on communication skills, financial literacy, and orientation for adapting to an organized working environment. In addition to the training, ICICI Academy provides free food, accommodation, and uniforms to the trainees. ICICI Foundation has tied up with various industry leaders as ‘Knowledge Partners’ help in co-creating the course curricula, content and training of the trainers.

ICICI Foundation provides placement assistance to trainees through industry partnerships and has continued to achieve 100% placement for all the trained youth. Till date, over 1,000 industry partners have recruited youth trained at various Academies. Companies like Reliance Digital Pvt Ltd, Yamaha India Ltd, Ramdevs Motors, Aurora Cooling Solutions, Velsons Engineers Pvt Ltd, Lotus TVS, Micro Tech Engineering Corporation, RA TVS, City Motors (Hero) and Bharath TVS among others have recruited trainees from the Academy at Coimbatore.

It is a commendable job by ICICI to provide livelihood to people who would want to earn, but don’t know how nor have the experience or exposure to do the same, and ICICI Academy for Skills makes them learn a skill and make a living out of it.

About ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (ICICI Foundation): It was founded by the ICICI Group in early 2008, to carry forward and build upon ICICI Group’s legacy of promoting inclusive growth. ICICI Foundation seeks to help inclusive growth in India by contributing to the key enablers required for widespread participation in economic opportunities in the country. Through focused initiatives in the identified areas including primary health care, elementary education, skill development and sustainable livelihood and financial inclusion, ICICI Foundation is working towards building capabilities and developing innovative models that can be replicated and scaled up in future. ICICI Academy for Skills operates under the aegis of ICICI Foundation.



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