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Singapore is a South Asian island country located at the southernmost tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. Singapore is one of the most developed and prosperous countries in the world today, with a high standard of living, not much of a characteristic of Asian nations.

  1. No one is renting in Singapore 

Because the government provides convenience and cash support for home purchases, even young people are buying their own homes. People who rent, usually expat. For example, a new graduate and a student who is not yet accumulating are paying a one-time payment to buy a house from a building that has just begun construction of 10 Singapore Dollars. When the construction of the house is completed within three years, the state gives cash support of 100,000 Singapore Dollars and people can pay back this support until the age of 65.

  1. Encouraging birth 

In order to raise the low birth rate in Singapore, newborns are being offered child allowance of 10,000 Singapore dollars, but still cannot increase the birth rate.

  1. 80% of Singaporeans do not cook at home 

One of the interesting facts about Singapore is that 80% of Singaporeans do not eat at home and eat outside as a result of their efforts to find the most flavors of world cuisines in Singapore and the Singapore government’s standard for restaurant hygiene and prices. A Singaporean man might ask his wife, “Is there dinner today?” Might be one of the most bizarre questions in the world!

  1. The minimum wage is handsome 

The minimum wage is 3500 Singapore Dollars, which is about 175977 Indian Rupee.

  1. Almost half of the country is green 

The Singaporean government has established the order of the entire transportation system, believing that the Singaporeans should not spend more than 20 minutes on their way to their jobs. According to the government, the Singaporeans should not work more than 8 hours a day and should not be in traffic for more than 20 minutes.

6.The longest distance is 20 minutes

20% of Singapore is covered with green areas. In recent years, with the project ‘vertical greening’, the balconies and terraces of the buildings have been covered with greenery, and this ratio has been increased to 40%. Singapore is rich in plant diversity. Only Bukit Timah has more than three times the plant variety in Latin America. 

  1. Cars prices are very expensive 

Vehicle prices are kept very high to protect the environment and make people use public transport more widely. House prices are around 300,000 Singapore Dollars while car prices are about 150,000 Singapore Dollars.

  1. A country that loves to play sports  

The Singaporean people love sports, and the government is encouraging them. Most of the parks are open 24 hours, and the entrances are free. From 7 to 70 everyone is able to kayak, walk and jog at the parks during the early hours of the morning.

  1. Singapore bans 

Chewing nudity and gum in Singapore is tempting. Past chewing gum on an American’s metro door and two-hour delayed work on the metron when the metro door is not closed, chewing gum and gum trade are banned in the entire country. Despite trying to avoid being punished by Bill Clinton in Singapore on the same day, the American was sentenced to whip and imprisonment. In Singapore, whip punishments are being implemented by a robot. In the past, if your brother had to whip up his brother and not be as strong as the strength of the whip, he would push Singapore to the whip robot.

  1. Multiculturalism and equality 

In Singapore, Muslims, Buddhists, and Arabs live in peace. This peace and tranquility is a result of the government’s successful policies. The government has set quotas for each region at an equal rate, and in this regard, it is in this sense that those living in Singapore who live in equal proportions in every region of every religion and everybody who applies to take home to celebrate the holidays of other religions.

Bonus: No beggars in Singapore!




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