Most Interesting Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh, a landlocked region in the most northerly region of India, is internationally praised as the most adventurous tourists in North India. Located at the height of 3000 meters above sea level and between the great Karakorum and Himalayan mountain ranges, Ladakh offers exciting opportunities for adventure and excitement. Things to do in Leh Ladakh include exciting activities like Jeep safari, boating, paragliding, trekking and mountain biking among others.

Travelling to Leh, the capital of Ladakh, in the heart of the Himalayas!

Experiencing safaris in Leh Ladakh also have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, tourist attractions and great peaks of the upper Himalayas. Things to do in Leh Ladakh also include a rich collection of flora and fauna and visits to some impressive monasteries and pagodas where one could still witness ancient tantric Buddhism in practice.

Cited below are some of the most exciting things to do in Ladakh that should figure in your travel itinerary for an unforgettable holiday in Leh Ladakh.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh

The trans-Himalayan region of ​​Ladakh is known for offering both hard and moderate terrain and also an opportunity to explore the stunning terrain of the area. Travel in Ladakh by road and crossing the high mountain passes, visit Lakes and explore this ancient region best experienced through jeep safari.

One of the most famous safari in vehicle experiences you have had is getting off the road to Manali and Leh-Manali road following. This inspiring route with its imposing mountain passes, incredible sights, and breathtaking scenery offers some jaw dropping experiences and the ultimate thrill of travel in India.

The most popular destinations to enjoy Jeep Safari in Ladakh include Tso Moriri Lake, Dah Hanu, Tso of Pangong Lake and the Nubra Valley. On the other hand, for one last experience, do not miss the Khardung La pass, which is considered as one of the highest motorable roads in the world.

Mountain biking in Ladakh

Without a doubt, one of the most Eco-friendly to travel in the mountains could be mountain biking. Double the fun as a means of vacation and visit a certain adventurous and refreshing destination. So if you are passionate enough and have the spirit of an exciting adventure tour in Leh and Ladakh, there are several mountain bike routes like ‘Leh a Alchi,’ ‘Leh a Hemis’ and Khardungla Pass, such as cycling in The motorable top pass in the world will bring chill down the spine.

Bike ride to Lake Tso Moriri

For bike lovers, nothing is better than a trip to Lake Tso Moriri. A motorcycle ride to Lake Tsomoriri is a chance of your life that makes you explore those picture perfect landscapes and exotic wildlife of the Ladakh region.One of the most famous lakes in Leh Ladakh, Lake Tso Moriri, offers abundant serenity amid the high mountains. The lake has the spectacular reflection of the blue sky and surrounding mountains. The place has a romantic atmosphere, which is perfect for a day out with your partner. Camp on one side of the lake and enjoy its tranquility.

Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is a heaven for those who are looking for routes to get the thrill of adventure. It offers many hikes for travelers and one of the main reasons that fan all around the world head to Ladakh for adventure. Trekking tries to discover the pure form of nature seductively.Some popular excursions in Ladakh include Lamayuru to Darcha Trek, Trek Ripchar Valley, Padum to Darcha Trek, Lamayuru to Alchi Trek to Markha Valley Trek, Lamayuru Stok Kangri, etc.

Boating on the river Zanskar

There are three main rivers in Ladakh, where you can do boating sports. The Indus River in the Leh region, Zanskar River in Zanskar and Shayok Nubra river are the place that offers a range of rafting options.The rafting trip of the Zanskar River begins with a flight over the Himalayas in the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. The opportunity for Rafting on the river in the Zanskar mountains, between Padum and Nimo, is the most challenging but exciting. It is suitable only for the Rapids. Don’t miss – Zanskar Valley is a fascinating destination that boasts a beautiful Zanskar river that nourishes it. It is aptly called the true Shangri-la.

Paragliding in Ladakh

If you are a sky lover and the mere thought of reaching higher heights does not blink the sweat of your eyes, paragliding in Ladakh is the best for you.

It is impressive the view you get from the top as you soar into the sky. The snowy peaks, azure blue waters and the rugged landscape of Ladakh look beautiful from the upper reaches of the heavens.

Flora and Fauna of Ladakh

In Ladakh, there is a famous wildlife sanctuary known as “Hemis National Park” which spans over 4,000 square kilometers, is now the largest National Park in India, stretching from Hemis to the north of Zanskar. This park is considered as the first snow leopard, with more than 200 snow leopards. It is also home to the four species of wild sheep and goats forming the basis for this prey predator, including the Great Tibetan sheep. For bird lovers, it is a dream destination. Some favorite bird species here are Robin Accentor, Pardo Accentor, Tibetan Snow Finch and Himalayan Snow Rooster among others. Contamination and free ambient noise make bird watching a joyful experience.

Prayer Wheel of Ladakh

One of the only things about Buddhist monasteries is the presence of the prayer wheel everywhere. They are often small and built into a wall. Summarize Ladakhi’s faith of people who despite their inhospitable circumstances lead a joyful life and never miss an opportunity to celebrate the life-the beautiful gift of God.Moonland of LamayuruLamayuru village is located around 127km from Leh and popularly known as Moonland. This is because the color of your soil is believed to be similar to that of the moon. This small village is famous for being home to the ancient monastery of Lamayuru, which has the main seat of the Drikung Kagyu tradition. Post the Holy Visit; Climb uphill to have a full view of the left of Lamayuru. The meditation hill is known for offering the best views. From here, you can even catch sight of the most decorated Stupas of Ladakh

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