ITC Maratha’s Gastronomical Experience

ITC Maratha’s prominence as Mumbai’s leading 5-star luxury hotel anchored in many factors. A prominent one being its six restaurants which feature a spread of award winning cuisines and beverages, bringing you treasures of Indian, Western Continental and East and South East Asian culinary traditions along with some of the world’s most well-appreciated and priced drinks.At the center of the beautifully done seven-story building is a bright white atrium graced with palm trees where you can dine their 24-hour restaurant.

PAN ASIAN – Multi-Asian Cuisine!

The restaurant has been conceptualized to bring together an extensive assemblage of Asian culinary expertise to reflect the gastronomic enrichments acquired by Asia over the years of acclimatization.

A Luxury Collection Hotel is a gorgeously decorated for fine dining restaurant with ambiance par-excellence. Excellent Thai, Japanese and Chinese viz. Asian cuisine. When this comes through as the first impression, the food is being that would blow your mind away.

Food is Brilliant! Just glorious. The food is prepared and cooked in open kitchens, and the atmosphere was fantastic. It can’t get better I think. With various options and tastes under the Asian banner, this restaurant has a high score on the taste-factor. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian eaters will have a ride through heaven. Lotus rice is must try!

Note Average Price for Two – RS. 5,000

PESHWA PAVILION – Sumptuous Buffet!

Rising from the ground floor at the lobby and reaching way up to the glass ceiling, it dwarfs even the six palms that give the Pavilion an alfresco feel of a Mediterranean town square.

The set menu started with an out of the world mewa kheer. The idea of starting with a sweet dish was brilliant. Typically such a delicious recipe comes in as a desert when our palates are jaded. We enjoyed the kheer, even more, coming as it did at the start of the meal.

The buffet consists of a delightful medley of some of the finest cuisines from around the globe. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly. The service is prompt and top notch. A must visit to pamper in a brilliant culinary experience.

SIGNATURE Dishes– Caesar’s salad, Fish Ahoy, Malwani Curry, Baked Fish, Dal Makhani, Murgh Khas Maratha and Welcomkathi!

Their bread was excellent. However, the most marvelous of is signature dish “Dal Makhani”; my favorite. One can eat this dal as it is or with Rotis, Naan, etc. I prefer to gorge alone, and the taste lingers in your mouth for long as you don’t feel to eat anything after you eat this!

The Peshwa Pavilion serves arguably the country’s finest and most elaborate breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, showcasing the hotel’s expertise in Indian, Asian and inventive international cuisine.

I’m a Vegetarian so, haven’t tried their non-vegetarian dishes. But, I am sure they would be equally good as well.

A must visit on your to-do list! Highly recommended by #MacroTraveller.



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  1. The sumptuous buffet is all I see I so love well prepared foods.ITC Maratha is worth dinning in with all the signature dishes one will definitely grow healthily. The pricing for two is good enough.

  2. This is getting me hungry wow!!! I feel like a royalty if I am or will be on this table for sure. If only a guy could dream ha ha.

  3. A luxury with display of splendour and finest array of foods.I love the neat and well-maintained rooms.The staff looks warm and accommodating.This is really a nice place to lodged in,highly recommended.

  4. My mouth is already watering. I was astonished when you said there are 6 restaurants in this hotel. That is amazing and goes to show that food is one important aspect of the hotel experience.

  5. my mouth watered, it looks delicious and very sophisticated, Im a lover of asian and sea food in general, great article

  6. Knowing that there are 6 restaurants to choose from makes me so giddy! Just by trying on restaurant to another makes it seem like your visiting one country after another. The ambiance, cleanliness and luxurious vibe of the place makes the experience more top-notch. Won’t be surprised if the staff are all hospitable and friendly too. Adding this to my bucket list of places of to visit.

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