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Kandy offers an enriching experience for travelers and allows them to have a detailed view of the different aspects of Sri Lanka and the city. Kandy is a favorite tourist destination for international tourists who come to the resplendent island of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka celebrates a lot of attractions for tourists and with the beautiful attractions and tourist wonders.

The main highlight of Kandy is considered as a focal point of Sri Lankan culture. The tours in Kandy are fun and enriching, as there are many scenic wonders to explore. The Sacred City of Kandy is a holy city for Buddhism and an important focus of pilgrimage for the faithful of this creed. It also enjoys the category of World Heritage. The Temple of the Tooth with a relic from the mouth of the Lord Buddha is one of the magnificent sights of Kandy, which attracts visitors to look at the beautiful site.

The serene Lake Kandy built by the last Sinhala king Wickrama Rajasinghe is one of the top attractions in Kandy and other tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace, the Gangarama Temple, the Degaldoruwa Temple, the Embekke Devale Temple, the Asgiriya Monastery, the Monastery Malwatte and the Gadaladeniya Temple is also very famous. With various cultural relics and monumental buildings, it attracts tourists to make trips to Kandy and discover the richness of its treasures.

A wide range of accommodation options are offered in this city. Many options range from luxury hotels to three stars. For a luxury stay, book a room at one of the accessible hotels. The transport is also well developed, and tourists will not have problems to reach the various places of interest.

Attractions in Kandy!

Visit the tourist attractions in Kandy and make your complete and memorable tour. The ancient city of Kandy, with its scenic mountains, crystal clear lakes and picturesque local valleys comprise spectacular to visit in Kandy. A mixture of rich historical heritage, unprecedented scenic landscapes! There are many things to do in Kandy.

The tourist attractions in Kandy are a perfect refuge from the bustling metropolis. Located in the midst of abundant nature, Kandy attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Being the capital of the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy has some historical sites that are of interest to many tourists. Kandy is an important seat of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, and many pilgrims are found around the “Stupa” and other religious monuments in Kandy.

Another interesting place in the vicinity of Kandy, Sri Lanka, is Spice Garden. In the interior of the park, the spices that once made Sri Lanka prosperous thanks to trade are cultivated. Walk through this reserve and let yourself be drunk by the soft aroma of the spices that are grown. You can also enjoy the countryside around Kandy, dominated by the vast tea plantations that extend as far as the eye can see.

When traveling to Kandy, it is advisable to visit its various bazaars. In these crowded markets, overflowing with spices or crafts, you can get to feel the customs and the daily life of its people. Let yourself be drunk by the symphony of smells that fill the stalls: cardamom, cloves, ginger, fresh tea … The murmur of the crowd buying and the endless colors of fresh products will make you fall in love with these places. Stands out among the other bazaars the municipal market, the favorite of the people of Kandy!

Another important place to visit in Kandy, Sri Lanka, is the Arts and Crafts Center. Inside it houses exquisite handicrafts that show the traditional style of Sri Lanka. Even today, exquisite pieces of crafts of all kinds are still being produced, and the most important techniques are shown.

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  1. Wow,the attractions in Kandy are really ecstatic for tourists.There are some places one get to and wouldn’t want to leave for a long time and I think Kandy is one of those. Awesome share from you.

  2. Kandy is indeed an interesting place to visit in Sri Lanka. Apart from it being rich in culture and traditions, tourists could get to experience the rich and authentic spices and tea, which is a specialty in Sri Lanka. Really recommended to check out the Spice Garden, Arts and Crafts Center and the Bazaar. You could get your souvenirs in these places.

  3. Nice and attractive info.another awesome spot in Srilanka.Kandy seems to be vivid with its rich Buddhist culture.there was this much colorfulness in Buddhism never imagined ,a very nice spot in Srilanka to visit Thanks

  4. It’s only now I know Kandy would be a very attractive place to travel. It has indeed very attractive tourists spot created by nature.

  5. So that giant statue earlier is Buddha? He is different from the one that I imagine ha ha. That waterfall though, it is beautiful.

  6. I will really loved to get to Kandy to view its scenic mountains,its spectacular environment,beautiful lakes and generally explore its cultural heritage and history.The attractions here will worth my time.

  7. It’s my first time to learn of Kandy and Sri Lanka. Thank you for sharing this informative and extremely inviting post. I’m now considering a trip to Sri Lanka, just because I want to visit that Spice Garden and those bazaars. Looking forward to more of your posts.

  8. Kandy in Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for those who want relaxing and peaceful getaway. I love the place and will surely visit it one of these days.

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