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Koh Wai: Super Chill Island in Thailand | #MacroTraveller

If you go on holiday to Thailand, you will undoubtedly visit several islands. In Thailand, most islands are the real paradise. But because Thailand is such a popular holiday destination, the islands are also becoming busier and touristier. Fortunately, there is Koh Wai: a small and relaxed island.

Koh Wai, a small island with tranquility filled with the richness of the sea, the sea, Trat is beautiful as the name. “Andaman Sea” has a small island to stroll on the beach. The sound of winds blowing in the air. Many people may be familiar with Koh Chang, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood, but between these large islands, there is a small island shaped like a coral “Koh Wai” is located, which is not less beautiful. Some islands and tourists also give up here is a paradise of Trat sea ever.

Although Koh Wai is only a small island in the Koh Chang National Park. But it is considered to be a beautiful island not in Koh Trad ever. Because the island has a beautiful sea, immaculate beaches. The sea is blue as a mirror around the island, and there are many coral reefs. Snorkeling is easy. The atmosphere on the island is very quiet, and everything is still very natural. No entertainment, even a bungalow. Focus on natural materials. Created to blend in with the environment. And the minimal impact on nature.

On the island of Wai, there is also a museum showing the conservation of the coral reefs. It is a hexagonal wooden building. Set up from the island. There is a wooden bridge stretching down to the building. And so down to the sea. It is a symbol of the island.

Activities on Koh Wai

Koh Wai is a small island with not much space. There are small beaches around the island, so it is suitable for tourists who want to be calm. Small but there are activities to do throughout the rest. Travelers can take a short stroll around the island with a small beachside walkway, where each beach is located. The tourists are told that the most beautiful is at the romantic bay is a small bay about 100 meters, the beach is white than other beaches, tourists often visit the beach. But if there is no tourist boat to stop. This beach is very quiet. Suitable for swimming, sunbathing, reading, there is also a small walkway to the sunset. The cliff is behind the island. It is a beautiful place to watch the sun fall into the sea. And also to take beautiful photos.

Things to do in Koh Wai are not only exhausted. Because here is reputed to have beautiful coral around the island. Therefore, it can dive into the sea around the island to see the wonders of the underwater world. If someone wants to exercise a little bit of accommodation, there will be kayaking for rent around the island, in addition to the beauty of the sea around the island. It is also easy to visit the beaches of Koh Wai.

Koh Wai is quite far from Trat town. If it is a normal ship, it will take about 2 hours. And the boat service to Koh Wai is a little. Most will only have one round per day. Speedboat charter trips to the price are very high; tourists are not popular to go on a day trip. But there is another alternative. Buying a scuba diving tour and island tour from Koh Chang. Most of them will visit the island with a visit. The tour will take visitors to Koh Wai Island about 20-30 minutes, although it is a little time. But you will experience the beauty of this island.



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  1. Is this from Thailand? I have been hearing great stuff around it so that would be my destination. Aside from the scenery of course I wanna see the history behind it.

  2. There are fantastic beaches in the island. It is best for tourists who wish to be relax and want serenity. One can take a small walk in the island.

  3. This Thailand getaway is so cool if you want something like chilling with the breeze of the see this is really a good place to go…

  4. Beautiful! You can really see how pristine and clear the waters are and how inviting the place is. Its ambience is likewise welcoming, too! Hoping to go there sometime.

  5. Fantastic place to holiday in and have a thrilling time all through.I love the beaches and the serenity of the whole place.Koh wai is worth visiting.

  6. Beautiful island to have a great time in,wouldn’t mind diving into the water to find out what goes on underwater.I will also takes a tour of the beaches near there as well.

  7. I would love to visit Koh Wai one day. The sea is really beautiful judging from the picture here on your blog. I think I will love my experience here.

  8. Sounds like a great romantic getaway and a rural area where everyone is friendly. I would definitely like to try out the scuba diving tour and visit the cliff where you can watch the sunset.

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