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Kolkata Street Art Festival-An Initiative By Berger Paints India

Kolkata Street Art Festival is a great initiative undertaken by Berger Paints India, where in the primary phase before the Pujas, they will complete ten walls across the city. Under the leadership of eminent painter, professor, and TMC MP (RS) Jogen Chowdhury guided the artists to paint the city walls in prominent locations.

Kolkata has been the colonizer city in Indian Renaissance. Kolkata is notable for its literary, artistic & revolutionary heritage. The age-old tradition of embracing new talent has made it a town of “furious creative energy.” A group of artists transformed the walls of the neighbourhood in the heart of Kolkata, country’s City of Joy. With Murals, they painted out the walls of Kolkata and created a synchronous open air, public art gallery. Kolkata Street Art Festival is an endeavour to saturate the city walls with art, designed by Barun Saha and his students.

Few bloggers of Kolkata were invited for a day long happening of how and what exactly is proceeding under this initiative. The Paintings of the Kolkata Street Art Festival were awe-inspiring. Prominent walls of Kolkata are being transformed into works of art at various locations like Exide Crossing, Ballygunge Tram Depot, Park Circus 7-point crossing, Eden Gardens & Topsia to name a few. These murals are done by two main artists Mr Barun Saha & Mr Rintu Roy and their 20 students. Berger Paints India has beautified Kolkata with a fab street arts festival!

Take a look these Murals | MacroTraveller Clicks 🙂

Mr Barun Saha art work at Berger House! Wow!

Now, we went to historic ground & Mecca of Indian Cricket. It was the gratifying moment to see these graffiti and murals at Eden Gardens! Cricket, Football, Swiming and Boxing Paintings were amazing.

Next, we went to Exide junction Site.These were the best wall paintings. I have seen in a long time, these take you back to the olden days.

Then visited Ballygunge Tram Depot. I would appreciate the artist for these murals. I loved it, and of course, all bloggers were delighted.

Later moved to Topshia Road. The Jungle and Peacock painting seized everyone. The trekker’s graffiti was also great along with some soul arts.

Why Kolkata Street Art Festival?

Street Art is a form of art that is displayed in a community on its surrounding buildings, streets, and other publicly viewed surfaces. The work of street artists has moved from its beginnings in vandalism and graffiti and to modern day guerrilla art where the artists are working to get powerful messages across to the viewers.

Berger Paints wanted to beautify the city with graffiti! Berger Paints, the second largest paint company in India & headquartered in Kolkata, determined to bring this form of art to Kolkata. The intention of designing the Kolkata Street Art Festival has two reasons. One, to clean & beautify the prominent walls of Kolkata with the colours of Berger and Two, to give a chance to the artists of Kolkata to showcase their skill in beautifying their city.

Jogen Chowdhury says – “This campaign highlights the creativity of art. It’s the heritage of Kolkata. Many artists will get appreciation, as well as recognition from this campaign.”

If you would like to know more about this initiative, don’t forget to follow Berger Paints on their social media handles and stay updated –
Twitter – @BergerPaintsInd
Instagram – @BergerPaintsIndia


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