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If you are a Chinese Food Fanatic, then this place is no less than heaven for you! The most remarkable place of Bengaluru having delightful ambiance, comfortable seatings and the mesmerizing view from outdoor seating. The indoor seating area eternally covered with blue light which gives a romantic atmosphere all around. The Lantern combines an informal Chinese fine dining experience with cutting-edge night life. The service is courteous and five stars with luxurious decors.

The Lantern Menu Re-Energising | MacroTraveller

You all know that I love Ritz-Carlton; I have been to Lantern more than couples of times before. Now, Lantern has re-energised its menu. With a varied number of vegetarian items and some unique creations, the menu has been thought out – retaining the personal signatures while making some delectable insertions. The menu was wonderfully re-designed, and it was neither too extensive nor too limited. The variety and range in each category were nicely thought out.

Veg Dimsums Delight!

I chose Wonton Soup and Bokchoy Mushroom Dumpling to start with. The Soup was refreshing, and it was comfort food in a bowl. Soft flavorsome dumplings in a clear soup with carrots, celery was very delicious, and I relished it. The dumpling skin was velvety smooth. Translucent on the outside and crunchy inside it has the goodness of bok choy leaves, mushrooms and water chestnut for an added crunch.

Next up was Vegetable Xiao Long Bao – Shanghai signature now recreated for vegetables. Made with a soup filling it must be popped in the mouth whole. It was very pleasing indeed.

Then I tried Sticky Rice Vegetable Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. Another comfort food sort of dish served in fragrant lotus leaf and made with vegetables. Note: Chicken version is also available. No wonder here, that was fantastic actually.


Exciting Veg Main Course!

I had Fried Tofu and Wild Mushroom with Celery. It was with a bouquet of various kinds of mushrooms, fungi, tofu seasoned with garlic, and this can easily beat the others to be the most favorite dish on the table. Even for non-vegetarians 🙂

Next was Clay Pot Seasonal Vegetable, Whole Garlic. The chef’s interpretation of seasonal vegetables served in the clay pot. It was interesting, exciting and of course, delicious too.

I loved Stir fry Snow Peas, Lotus Root Cloud Ear, and Almond Flakes. This dish is all about crunch. Different textures attained from fresh snow peas, lotus root with chewy cloud ear fungus, it is gently garnished with almond. Can be enjoyed by everyone!


Delicious Desserts!

Then again, every meal could be done without a dessert. It’s not an option. It’s a choice! I savored Chilled Mango Pudding. You know that I love mangoes. A real treat to taste buds with the great tropical fruit!

Special Chocolate Ginger Mi Cuit! Wealthy and decadent this soft center dessert with a molten chocolate filling, delicately spiced with ginger flavored kaffir lime sorbet.

Venue: The Lantern, Residency Road, Bangalore

Time: 12.30 onwards

Price: A la carte prices (INR575+Taxes onwards)

Call – 080 4914 8000 to make reservations



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