The Largest Swimming Pool in the World

Huge, powerful, exorbitant! I’m running out of adjectives for this giant – I’m talking about the biggest pool in the world. Where the official Guinness World Record holder can be found and how big the pool of superlatives is, read here!

San Alfonso del Mar – Largest Pool in the World

If you’re tired of having a paddling pool in your garden at home, then a trip to South America might be right for you. Specifically to Chile, in the resort of San Alfonso del Mar! There you will find the largest pool in the world.

Parallel to the sea, the largest pool in the world extends over 1013 meters. It also officially worlds record holder in the Guinness Book of Records. Just pulling a few laps quickly can be a day-filling task here. And otherwise, water sports enthusiasts will get their money’s worth in the largest pool in the world. The hotel offers the possibility to rent, sail or dive boats and kayaks. There are always small islands scattered around the pool, so you can take regular breaks before you run out of breath.

With a constant water temperature of 26 degrees, the pool offers some advantages over swimming in the Pacific. So you do not have to worry about sharks or dangerous currents. And lack of space and other bathers that get in your way, you definitely do not have to be annoyed. And even in bad weather, you can use the largest pool in the world. Inside the glass pyramid, you will find a sandy beach with palm trees and even a waterfall.

Construction and Operation

The construction of the basin, which cost an estimated 1.1 billion euros, was comparatively uncomplicated. The bigger challenge is to keep the approximately 250 million liters of water that the pool holds clean and clear. In order to be able to do away with very expensive cleaning agents and disinfectants, a system has been developed that pumps, filters and removes 800,000 liters of fresh seawater from the Pacific every day. Thus, the use of chemical agents can be greatly reduced. And the system works! The water of the largest pool in the world is so clear that even at a depth of 3 meters you can see to the bottom.

Facts and Figures

  • Length: 1013 meters
  • Depth: 3.5 meters
  • Area: 7.7 hectares
  • Capacity: 250 million liters
  • Construction costs: 1.1 billion euros

San Alfonso del Mar Resort

Unfortunately, only hotel guests of San Alfonso del Mar Resort have access to the largest pool in the world. But a check-in in the 2006 completed and very well rated hotel area is thoroughly recommended. Room facilities include free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen cable TV, and a balcony or terrace. From there you have not only sea, but also pool view. Those who still feel constrained in the record pool on nearly 8 acres can take advantage of the direct access to Algarrobo beach.

Address: Camino Algarrobo Mirasol 886, Valparaíso, Algarrobo, Chile

Prices: Standard room between 214 € – 454 €

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