Launch of Alfresco by Bene at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel

A piece of Italy in India, you find it only at the restaurant Bene. Alfresco by Bene is the signature Italian restaurant featuring authentic Italian cuisine. The menu stars a wide selection of traditional rustic Italian dishes along with creative house masterpieces straight from the heart of Italy. Chef Alessandro Becchini will amaze you, with specialties of Italian tradition prepared with love, passion and personal touch, that just a chef of high professionalism can give. Only here you will find dishes created with the high quality of the outcomes. Bene Restaurant is for sure the best place in Bangalore, where you can eat the real Italian food.The Bene boasts a casual and modern interior, with exposed brick walls, sturdy furnishings and wooden furniture; coupled with a lot of green factors like potted plants in an outdoor setting, affording the perfect ambiance to enjoy the Garden city’s wholesome climate. The café features upbeat, lively, both modern & retro music, and ideal for millennials and also offers space for live band performances, for the culture-rich, cosmopolitan city for periodic events where visitors can truly experience a comfortable atmosphere. Comfort food enhances the minimalistic décor with gourmet artistry and cocktails, which are the star attraction of the venue.The venue is conceptualized with the need for having an outlet for informal get-togethers, where guests can relax and rest after a day’s work, while Bene provides a formal atmosphere for a course-wise excellent dining Italian meal. Alfresco by Bene is the venue of choice for the ones who love to party and socialize over a few drinks and shared plates.

Signature Dishes at Alfresco by Bene!

Inspired by Italian Classics, the menu at Alfresco by Bene consists of small tapas-style presentation wherein food is served in small portions giving the guests the freedom to enjoy multiple choices on the menu. Some of the signature menu dishes include Calamari Croccanti, Bene Tortilla; which is a classic egg preparation, Chicken Morsels made with sweet paprika and Prawns Aglio e Olio.For the vegetarians, Alfresco offers a wide variety as well with signature offerings like Three-day-old Burrata served with vine ripened tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil aged balsamic caviar, Greek cheese & spinach cigars served with piquant chili dip, County bread served with spiced avocado mash and Baked Spinach & vegetable cannelloni.

Signature Beverages at Alfresco by Bene!The “Alfresco Signature,” the highlight of the cocktail menu, It’s a Gin based cocktail with refined pure elderflower abstract, natural lemon juice carefully mixed with cranberry juice which makes for a very relaxing concoction. Another cocktail highlight is “You Can’t-Miss Me.” Inspired by classics, it combines Whisky and Campari with a delicately muddled celery stick and pineapple, making it a cold weather cocktail you will find yourself craving this season. The Chef at Alfresco by Bene!

Chef Alessandro Becchini, Italian Chef de Cuisine at Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway, is the mastermind behind this inventive menu along with being the Chef in charge for Bene. Bene offers a hardcore Italian experience in the city. The food was divine. Apart from pasta, risottos, and pizzas, they have a wide range of starters, mains and desserts- all tastefully Italian. The Italian Chef interacted with everyone to know their preferences. If your taste buds crave some authentic Italian food, consider this one. MacroTraveller recommend this place to all – for the experience! Venue Details!

Address: Level 4, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel At Brigade Gateway, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram – Rajajinagar Bangalore

The average cost of a meal for two would be 1700+taxes.

Outlet Timings: 12:00 noon to 11:30 PM (Monday – Thursday)

12:00 noon to 1:00 AM (Friday- Saturday)



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