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What to do on a long journey flight? #MacroTravellerTips

Will your next trip take you to destinations far away from your city and will it be a long flight? Do you have to travel by plane for more than 10 hours straight? This is, without a doubt, a challenge for any traveller but to face it has the MacroTraveller.

But do not worry, in this travel blog I have compiled some ideas that can help you to spend the time to reach your destination:

  1. Read!

Reading is always a right choice. Even if you are travelling with friends, take at least two books depending, of course, on how long the trip will be. I chose the ones that are easier and entertaining so that they will hook me in such a way that the time passes faster. On the other hand, with the technology that exists today, it is possible to carry several books loaded in tablets or e-book readers. This is a much more comfortable option since you will be carrying less weight and you can also have much more varieties of titles to choose from.

  1. Watch a Movie!

On most of the long trips, you have several premiere movies available to watch. You can select the language and subtitles you want, fit your headphones and enjoy. This will keep you entertained for a few hours. Keep in mind that in addition to watching movies premieres; you will always see classics and chapters of some popular series.

  1. Entertain with your laptop or tablet!

Even if it is a honeymoon trip, many people decide to take their laptop or tablet and exploit it to the maximum. This allows them to read, listen to music, play, study, work, and much more. The only thing to keep in mind is that the battery is fully charged. Besides, you can carry an iPod or a cell phone that allows you to listen to hours of music. Among its advantages, the iPod is an easy-to-carry device, simple to operate and can provide a convenient service since the amount of music it can store is quite large.

  1. Electronic Games!

With the same iPod, you can also play, which is very entertaining at least for a while. Also, you can load your favorite games to your tablet or notebook. These devices usually have large storage capacity, so you can count on several options to entertain yourself. Another idea is to play Sudoku, try to take some that are difficult. Time passes swiftly when you are solving them.

  1. Write!

You can use it to write about something. It can be an autobiography, a history of your travels, what you plan to do on arrival, articles for publication or blog, or whatever you choose.

There are many things you can do on a long trip while we reach the destination. Also, on commercial flights, there are usually many magazines, which are often full of ads and usually have excellent articles. Take a look, and you may be surprised.

It is also important to choose a good seat on such a long flight. Before buying your air tickets, request the map of the plane to pick a good site. You have to know that the front seats are quieter and wider and those near the emergency exits have more space.

Happy Journey



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