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JW Marriott Bengaluru, city’s premium luxury hotel announced the launch of the Brewery at their open-air, poolside setting ‘Spice Terrace’. Now, JW Marriott Bengaluru becomes the pioneer among 5-Star properties in starting a brewery in Namma Bengaluru. The brewery will offer 4 variants of world-class Belgian beers and 2 local brews & ales, which will be brewed by a dedicated Brew Master.

I would like to thank JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru for inviting MacroTraveller. The brewery’s Belgian collection will feature four signature beers known for true Belgian heritage and two other exclusive seasonal beers. Each of these beers will have it’s own distinctive taste, flavour and aroma. For an ambience that reflects an accurate brewery set-up, Spice Terrace has been revamped with contemporary seating, elegant interiors and lightings. To complement the poolside brewery, there will be delectable food and excellent service for guests to enjoy the superior hospitality.

The Belgian beers will be brewed with a combination of light and strong tastes that linger the taste buds with its bitterness that is well balanced and full of flavour. Some of the best beers that quench the thirst of this generation are Saint Martin’s:

Abbey Blond: Refreshing, light-bodied, golden straw coloured with hints of floral elegance and a bit of spice.

Abbey Dark: Dark beer with beautiful essence of rich aromatic malts with a tinge of roasted bitter chocolate.

Belgian White: Misty coloured beer with a grainy bittersweet aroma with balanced symphony flavours.

Abbey Tipple: Strong beer with dark golden-brown coloured made with the finest ingredients that give a lingering peppery taste after every sip.

And not just that, barbeque, signature grills and the bar snacks have been curated exclusively to go well with the taste of beers that are on offer. The beers will also be available at all the F&B outlets to ensure that other guests will even get to experience the finest beers.

Saint Martin Abbey Blonde

This Blonde Ale is crystal-clear yet full of mystery and expectations. It’s a golden straw coloured nectar with a generous foam head. A sniff of this beer and one discovers hints of floral elegance, spices and piny notes. An enticing aroma of high-quality European malts lingers in the air. The aftertaste has a noble hop light bitterness which is well balanced and full of flavour.

Refreshing and light-bodied, this Abbey Blonde complements perfectly gravy-based dishes such as Butter Chicken or Fish Masala.

Saint Martin Abbey Dark

This wonderfully spiced Dark Abbey beer is full of exhilarating fragrances and flavours. A light brown, generous froth crowns over a deep reddish copper elixir. The first impression is one of surprise and a well-balanced mix of caramel and liquorice aromas. Upon the palate, one can feel the wonderful essence of rich aromatic malts with a tinge of roasted bitter chocolate.

This award-winning Dark Abbey beer (crowned best in the category for the world in 2009) and its’ complex aromas and flavours go perfectly with kebabs and Tikka meats.

Saint Martin Belgian White

This Belgian White (wheat beer) is pure pleasure for the senses, offering a misty coloured beverage, crowned by a generous thick white foam. It is slightly darker compared to a ‘normal’ Belgian White beer. The first sip is preceded by a grainy bittersweet aroma followed by a well-rounded and balanced symphony of flavours.

Refreshing and light, this Belgian White Ale accompanies perfectly spicy foods such as Papad Masala, Chicken Biryani or Veg Peshawri.

Saint Martin Abbey Triple

An award-winning strong blonde Abbey triple type beer made with only the finest ingredients. Its’ colour is reminiscent of old gold jewellery with a thick fine foamy froth. The first nose is marked by candied fruit and a touch of acacia honey. Having higher alcohol content than the average beer (strong beer), its’ mouthfeel is supple, round and full flavoured with a lingering peppery aftertaste.

This is a beer for tasting rather than quenching thirst. I suggest being appreciated as an after meal drink to enjoy with friends. It is also a perfect complement to a plate of fine potent European cheeses. It includes both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes.

Food Menu: Your culinary journey begins with a selection from their legendary kebabs, their contemporary Asian appetisers, a taste of things to come.

Things I tried Mezze Mezze, Gooler Kebab, Aloo Tuk, Crispy Lotus Root Salt & Pepper, Crunchy Mushrooms, Crispy Spring Rolls, Indian Masala Spiked Tortillas, Togarashi Edamame, Chips 3 Ways, Cantonese Dumplings and Futo Maki.

My Friends tried their Non-Vegetarian menu Murgh Angara Kebab, Chicken 65, Chicken Supreme, Chingmai Chicken, Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls, Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls, Kane Kamboko, Eebi Sushi, Fish Koliwada, Mutton Pepper Fry, Kute Laal Mirch Ka Jhinga and Tenderloin.

The staff were very friendly and catered to my needs. This was an overall fabulous experience. The restaurant offers excellent options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The ambience was very relaxing, and we enjoyed our food & drinks at leisure. Highly recommended!

Where: Spice Terrace, JW Marriott Bengaluru

Timings: 11:00 am to 1:00 am

Contact: 8884494036

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  1. I can tell those beers are prepared by the brew master. Spice Terrace sounds like the perfect hangout for delicious food and drinks. I like the Euro and Asian cuisine and that there are vegetarian options. Just reading the descriptions of the Saint Martin Belgian White and Abbey Triple makes me salivate. Thanks for the great review!

  2. I wonder how the Belgian white will fare with the original top-fermented wheat beer. If they can manage to even come close to its richness, then I’d say they’ve hit the sweet spot.

  3. Looks like a casual fast food chain. I like that though as suppose to a formal setting. It is my cup of tea so to speak.

  4. Nice of spice Terrace to come with their own brewery to spice up life for beer lovers. Though I’m not a fan I know beer lovers will be delightful to have the new brands of beer from them.

  5. It was nice of the hotel to invite macrotraveller for their unveiling and I’m sure you had a good time. This will be good new for those that loves the 4 rvariants of world-class Belgian beers and 2 local brews & ales, which will be brewed by a dedicated Brew Master in bewery. It’s a good one for these drinks lovers.

  6. As a Macro (traveller) you’ll feel it here it’s like living in a heritage place. JW Marriott Bengaluru becomes the pioneer among 5-Star properties in starting a brewery in Namma Bengaluru. Such an amazing tastes of food, it is very rich in flavor, great heritage wines, and so much more. Veggies and non-veggies, spicy or not, you can find it here, they have a such great brewery like you never experienced before. Me as I travel around this place is the most out of the world best experience ever because of the place and the food.

  7. These really looks good. I like to eat nice food plus the ambiance plus friendly staff. I would definitely would go here. Thanks for sharing!

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