#MacroTraveller FAM trip to Sabah : Part 2

We continued our last day of exploring Sabah after a fun-filled day 1 at Sabah we were excited to know what Day 2 had to offer and we were not disappointed with what Sabah Tourism had offered us.

Day 2 started with exploring Nabalu Town. Nabalu town or Pekan Nabalu is a small town which is around 12 km before Mount Kinabalu. Before this place used to be a resting place for people visiting the mountain however as tourist inflow has been developed, this place has turned into a small town. Here there is a small viewpoint of Mount Kinabalu where there are no disturbances such as tall trees, electricity wires as such and the photo from this place will be surreal. There is a high watchtower present in this town and is view-able from the whole city. Another reason to have a small stopover at this town is due to its flourishing tourist town, this place offers you to shop for various handmade handicrafts and local produce. This place offers you a quite little stopover and we explored this small town fully.

After our visit to the quaint town of Nabalu, we headed off to Poring Hot Spring Canopy Walk. Which we needed the most as this is the midst of nature, this nature reserve offers you to be in the midst of nature where you have a canopy walkaway and sulphur hot springs. The place offers its visitors a lot of wild animals including Bornean, Orangutan. The rainforest is as old as 100 million years which is lush and the canopy walkaway which is of the length of 105m and is suspended 30m above the ground offers you a lush view of the rainforest unspoilt flora and fauna. You can explore the forest by walk and explore the forest from treetops. Well known for its natural hot spring infused with sulphur this offers surreal experience exploring the Poring Hot Spring Natural reserve.

After our exploration of Poring Natural reserve, we been to Fish Spa. Locally owned and famous for Fish Massage, we were enjoying our stay at the fish reserve while the fish were feeding off our dead skin. It was a relaxing experience which made us get up and get ready for our next leg of travel to explore local cow farm called Desa Cow Farm.

Desa Cattle Cow Farm is famous and is also known as Little New Zealand of Sabah. This 200-hectare stretch of farm is known for its free-roaming Fresian Cows which produces nearly a million litres of fresh milk. Here we were given a small tour of how dairy and dairy products are produced. This place is located near Mount Kinabalu where it offers photogenic views of the place with lush green land. Families visiting will enjoy this place as there is an option to feed the calves and have a fun small excursion.

After Desa Cattle Farm, we were sad that the last leg of our 2-day visit had to end with such surreal experiences that Kota Kinabalu had offered during our period of stay. This made us rejoiced as we explored, got to know the culture, weather adaptation of locals and the beautiful city of Kota Kinabalu.



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  1. I do not know bot the mountain picture for some reason is too shiny that it looks edited to me. However, that is no way of saying that this aint looking like a good time because I am sure that you had a blast with it. In fact, the terrain reminds me of my own home land.

  2. I’m so sure that the 2 days trip in Sabah had been fun filled out there and you enjoyed every view of the mountain including islands. MacroTraveller, thanks for sharing this with us. Nice exploration in Malaysia

  3. Family trip to Sabah will be fun with this photo view that you just showed. Thanks for this wonderful notice.

  4. Im glad you enjoyed your stay at Sabah..Nabalu Town is one place i read a lot about..I guess the people have a rich history.. Keep exploring and keep getting us informed

  5. You had a jolly ride taking this amazing trip to Sahab. This is a lovely trip good enough for the family even with friends. Haven’t a trip for a while now but thinking seriously about having one.

  6. As a reader, I think you really had a fun trip to Sabah. It looks very similar to my country maybe because we are situated near each other and yet very different.

  7. From these lovely pictures here , sure the place has a lot to offer. It was really a worthless adventure for you. Sometimes it good to take days like this off for some fun

  8. The place not just have adventurous kind of activities but it also has a mountain scenic view. I would love to experience the fish spa and bathe in that cool, flowing water.

  9. The people of Sabah look very friendly and welcoming. It’s no wonder a lot of tourists like to flock this lovely place 🙂

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