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#MacroTraveller Tips for Summer Travel

One always praise when someone shares those tips and recommendations to travel more comfortable and relaxed. Today #MacroTravellerTips is coming with Travel Tips! The summer holidays/Vacation are approaching and, therefore, the time to visit new destinations, enduring entirely unknown places.

Keep in mind these tips for traveling in the Summer!

1) Dress up according to the weather! Before starting to pack, check the weather of the place you will visit to avoid wearing clothes that you will not use. As we are talking about summer, avoid heavy clothes. Check the number of suitcases, and the weather will help you carry only what is necessary.

2) Pack simple, colorful and comfortable clothes and accessories. It is also important to bring several items of clothing that you can wear or take off quickly in case the weather varies during the day.

3) Be sure to pack your electronic devices, such as your phone, laptop, tablet, camera and headphones, into your carry-on luggage. Remember to pack a universal charger for these items.

4) Pack two pairs of shoes and accessories that you can wear with different clothes. For example, sandals or sneakers are ideal for walking around the city during the day, but if you plan to go out to a restaurant or a fancy bar at night, do not forget your boots.

5) If you want to stay refreshing after a long trip, remember to bring some essential items: wipes, a little deodorant, mints, nail file, lip balm and brush. Use sunscreen to minimize the impact of your exposure to the Sun. For women: a small makeup case with moisturizing cream and shadows. For men: a rake toilet kit, aftershave lotion, cream and moisturizer, all in size 100 ml.

6) If you travel to a beach, pack your bathing suit in hand luggage so that you can change quickly and go directly to the beach or the pool once you reach your destination. Pack a beach wrap if the beach towel takes up too much space.

7) Don’t forget medical kit. A good option is to bring a mini-kit, including pills for a headache, stomach and diarrhea. Also, carry a prescription of drugs.

8) Do not always look for the cheapest. You have to know how to spend the money and take advantage of it. The hotel is perhaps the most important decision you take on vacation. If you visit a city make sure you have an excellent location and preferably have breakfast and WiFi included. If you visit a beach or rest destination, it is worth investing in a hotel that has good quality facilities, beach and excellent services.

9) Don’t Miss Camera & Souvenir. Memories of the course will be a moment for everyone, be it happy, sad, frustrated, humor is certainly memorable for you. So, souvenirs and photos = photo trip or even video documentary will be your guide to remember it in the future.

10) Last but not least, Water! You need to drink a lot of water! Yes, a lot means a lot. Water keeps you hydrated in summer, intake of minimum 7 to 8 glass of water will keep your body cool. I suggest squeezing some lemon in your water, as it is cleansing. It’s important to stay hydrated during long travel.

Finally, Enjoy! Stop stressing by thinking, remain calm and have some fun. So, what you’re waiting for? Start packing your suitcase!

If you still have a few days or weeks to travel! Make a list of what you really need (bath items, clothes, sunglasses, creams, etc.). Try to get things into your suitcase when you get back from work (without overdoing it).



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