MacroTraveller’s Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Fan Experience

In March 2018, I unbelievably attended the 90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and it was the best experience of my life! I won tickets to the Oscar Fan Experience, where you attend the red carpet and sit in the bleachers, watching the most incredible actors and actresses walk by in their gorgeous designer dresses and suits. It was beyond Bucket List! In celebration of the Oscars showing tonight, I wanted to share that experience.

I received an email notifying me that I was a winner and I had to submit my name and guest name within 24 hours. I got a few emails from the Star India staff leading up to the event for security checks, and I had to submit my photos for official ID that would give me access to the bleachers. I have also joined an Oscars Fan Experience private Facebook page where I could interact with other lucky winners before the big day.

The Fan Experience

Sitting in the bleachers for the Oscars Fan Experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had a wonderful time. It was a whirlwind day for MacroTraveller as part of the 2018 Oscars Fan Experience. Sitting with 700-plus fans, I eagerly awaited the stars to walk down the most famous stretch of carpet in the world. The sun shined down on the Red Carpet along Hollywood Boulevard as the Academy’s guests, and Oscar nominees and winners walked past us, heading into the Dolby Theatre for the ceremony.

All the winners are given a staggered time in which to arrive at the Oscar bleacher area. Although the show didn’t start until 5:30 p.m., fan arrival times began as early as 8 a.m. The dress is as casual as you want it to be. I saw people wearing formal gowns, but most were wearing slacks and black jeans. When I arrived, I received my ID cards and a swag bag full of goodies like t-shirts, snacks, water bottles, seat cushion and some beauty products from the sponsor.

The Red Carpet Arrivals

Once the Red Carpet arrivals started, most of the bleacher fans (over 700 of us) had to sit down, and we were packed in tight!  The Red Carpet has three roped off sections. The Stars seemed to walk towards the back section near all of the media there from around the world.

The first to arrive on the Red Carpet was the entertainment reporters. Once the big stars began to come, the fun started. Some actors just walked by without acknowledging us, but most (Kidman, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and Gal Gadot) waved and smiled. I took over 400 photos so I will share with you just a few.

After the Red Carpet Arrivals, we escorted across the street to the El Capitan Theatre where we were treated to a light dinner and where we got to watch the Oscars on the big screen.

I would like to thank The Academy for this experience. I will never forget this experience for as long as I live, and I really hope I win again someday.

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  1. You are one such lucky guy. Not everyone can be given that kind of opportunity to see Hollywood superstars. It’s a nice thing to do thay they appreciate the fans and give them a once in a lifetime experience.

  2. This is an interesting site, all that discussed here fits my personality I am the type of person who loves the entertainment that discussed here. This kind of site will really help traveler like me to choose where to go and spend money

  3. Yea,I hope you win again some day to experience this lovely event once again. The Oscar award is really an event I will love to attend. This was a very colorful event.

  4. Nicole Kidman’s beauty is timeless. She can rock that dress more than young characters. Confidence is the new sexy!

  5. Great you were invited to be part of the Oscars award event.I can imagine myself also on the bleacher next time.This is one event I’m dying to be part of.I will like to see my favorite stars live.

  6. This is an amazing experience. I have always been a Hollywood fan so it would be nice to meet these stars in person. They all looked stunning in the Oscars.

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