Mumbai to Bangkok, My first international Flight with GoAir

GoAir owned by Wadia Group is one of the fifth largest airlines in India. It is a low-cost airline which is based in Mumbai, India. Founded and commencing operations in the year 2005, the airline currently operates to over 32 destinations out of which 25 are domestic and the rest being International. They have their hubs in various Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Kannur etc.

GoAir was founded by Jeh Wadia and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wadia Group. It started in the year 2005 with its first flight being Airbus A320 aircraft.  Currently, they have a fleet size of 54 and operate to destinations such as Dubai, Bangkok, Phuket, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Kuwait for International Destinations and Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kannur, Kolkata and others in domestic lines. They have around 2200 scheduled weekly flights to various destinations.

GoAir recently introduced direct flights to Thailand with these flights they expanded their international destination where they offered these flights direct from Delhi to Bangkok and Mumbai-Bangkok.  The Mumbai-Bangkok route started from August 1, 2019, is the newest destination that this low-cost airline is offering.  They had direct flights to Phuket from various Indian cities, however for Bangkok as of now they operate direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai only.

Being a budget airline, GoAir does not offer meals in flight, which the economy class passengers need to order for a meal.  They offer free complimentary meals to Business Class passengers. Premium service offered by GoAir is called Go Business where you get greater legroom, meals, additional baggage allowance and priority boarding.  Their frequent flyer programme is called Go Club which provides access to the lounge, free upgrade to Go Business etc.




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