My Experience at Justa Resort, Sajjangarh Udaipur

Udaipur is the city known for Lakes and Palaces. The city which is the southernmost tip of Rajasthan, this city has good views of the city from Monsoon Palace to many places to visit for sightseeing. There are many places of stay in Udaipur out of which Jüsta Resort is one such Luxury Resort to stay

JüSTa Resort is a 5-star luxury stay which has a beautiful backdrop of Sajjangarh Biological Park. This ideal place of stay is minutes away from main attractions and lakes, they offer warm hospitality and services for the guests. JüSTa Resort is situated near Sajjangarh Palace also known as Monsoon Palace hence when you wake up every morning you’d notice cloudy weather and the monsoon palace can be viewed from anywhere around the resort property.

JüSTa Resort is around 40-minute drive from nearest airport has over six levels including ground floor to the terrace. It has around 63 rooms with an option for Deluxe bedrooms to Suites. Deluxe bedrooms have some amazing view of Hills and Swimming pool near the balcony which makes you wake up in the midst of nature. There is a king size bed and a small bed which the Deluxe room makes suitable for a family of 2. The interiors have traditional Mewar architecture and they have a luxury looks. Premier Bedroom of this resort has a stunning view of Sunrise and Swimming pool, with garden. They also have a comfortable sofa with a reading lamp. This comes with a king bed and twin beds which makes it perfect for a family of 4. The Suite has marble floors with tea making machine with spacious interiors and furniture. There is a dining area inside the Suite which makes you feel at home. The morning view is mesmerizing from the suite as you wake up to cloudy mountains and palace.

The hallway and entrance to this resort are covered with traditional arts and architecture. There are many wall arts which are done by artists who come as a part of the art exhibition which JüSTa conducts.

There are many places to visit in Udaipur and are a stone throw away from JüSTa Resorts. There is an in-house restaurant on the ground floor of the resort, Sabor which is beautifully decorated and has a friendly chef’s. They have a live kitchen where they prepare traditional Rajasthani dishes to middle eastern cuisines. The Pastries at this restaurant would be lip-smacking and they have their own pastry section present. Adjacent to Sabor Restaurant is a bar where you can enjoy a sip of your favourite cocktail.

JüSTa Resort provides ultimate services for their guests, they have Spa Facility where they offer a wide range of therapies where you can relax from your tiring day. There is a Gym facility where you can workout without skipping your gym day, they also have a swimming pool present where you can take a dip on a warm day.

JüSTa Resort also offers various party halls for wedding events and they also have a huge conference hall with facilities such as LCD Projector, AC, Internet access and stationery items in case of any business meets. Making it a dream come true wedding destination where you can exchange your vows in the midst of the hilly region.




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  1. A 5-star luxury stay this is a resort I will love to relax in. It can only refresh and vitalizes me. I really love to take a tour of the place and go on sightseeing.

  2. Udaipur is not a popular city in my own neck of the woods..This article will sure open the eyes of a lot of people to the fun they can have when they visit this resort at udaipur

  3. Thanks MacroTraveller for the cool review about udaipur. This ideal place of stay is minutes away from main attractions and lakes, they offer warm hospitality and services for the guests. Keep it up!!??

  4. Thanks for bringing Justa Resort to my notice because I never knew about a lovable resort like this. I really love the ambiance of this resort. it will be a good spot for family gateway.

  5. Your experience at Justa Resort, Sajjangarh Udaipur must be superb with the bed view am seeing here. It looks like a 5star hotel though. Thanks for this post.

  6. This really looks like the resort of my dreams. There really are a lot of wonderful choices and this perfectly fills up that spot I’ve always been looking for in resorts.

  7. if you are already getting service as you go out of your car that says it all. It shows commitment and warmth. NO wonder you even held a fan sign for them. Good job.

  8. Thank you for sharing the experience with us. It seemed like you really enjoy the stay and trip. Lovely people and the resort as well.

  9. The most striking thing about the Justa Resort is the impressive array of dishes they offer. There is something for everyone’s taste buds here.

  10. The staff at Justa Resort look so friendly and helpful. It’s always nice to feel so welcomed especially in a new place.

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