Best places to stay & blend with #Pondicherry culture

Located in the historic White Town, Le Dupleix is a lovely wicked place to relax, with an old natural feel around. Built in the 18th century as the residence of the Mayor of Pondicherry, the building stands white and majestic on a great corner of the French town. It is located just a few blocks from the glistening waters of the Bay of Bengal and Pondicherry’s favorite leafy park. The central shopping zone is just around the corner, too, as are some restaurants and coffee shops. It is at walking distance from the beach.

It was my first experience of staying in a heritage hotel and got to know the fact the Mayor of Pondicherry used to stay here and it was his bungalow.

Note: Dupleix was the greatest of the Generals and Governors of French India. During his tenure, the French were the dominant power in South India and British were contained to Madras.

The woodwork, furniture, paintings will take you back in time to the colonial era, but with all the comforts of a contemporary hotel. The rooms and bathroom with wooden floors and ceiling, study out to the sleepy alleys around or the front yard. Boutique hotel, spotless and clean rooms, my room had antique furniture, French style bathroom, and beautiful verandah. View from room balcony is excellent. This offers the warmth of the old, but at the same time assures that the hotel is comfortable and proficient, equipped with Internet connections, minibars, room service, and imported bathtubs and fittings.

The food was good with a mix of both French and South Indian taste. The dining hall/restaurant/bar also is a fantastic high-ceiling room with large arched windows and doors. Has a delightful courtyard restaurant that was well lit for dinner. Alternately, meals also served in the cozy Governor’s Lounge. Exceptional service by the front desk, restaurant, and housekeeping staff. Overall a fabulous place to stay in Pondicherry! When I do back to Pondicherry, I will stay again at Le Dupleix. Highly Recommend.



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  1. I love historical buildings and this one seems to be really well maintained. I’m guessing it was a very fortunate choice of your first heritage hotel to stay. Looks like it was totally worth it.

  2. The structural design reminds me of Europe even though I know it is not from there. Speaking of that, I still do not know where this is? Let alone how do you research these places?

  3. This is like having a feel of both world,having the feel of historic and contemporary comfort. I will like the old natural feel of the place, it highly recommended for tourists.

  4. I love to spend time in historical buildings,it gives one good old memories.I will enjoy the old natural feel and the contemporary comfort.Will try Le Dupleix hotel.

  5. Looks like a very refreshing vacation destination. Love the contemporary feel. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The furniture at Le Dupleix reminds one of the colonial era. It seems this is a hotel that has successfully blended the past with the present. It sure looks like a good place to stay.

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