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The Night Safari and its neighbour, the Singapore Zoo, are two of Singapore’s premier attractions for nature lovers as well as families with children. They are located in the north of Singapore, side by side, and operate independently. The Night Safari animals are not the same as the zoo animals. The Night Safari opens shortly after the zoo closes so that you can spend an entire day in the area combining visits to both attractions.

Some zoos around the world offer nightly visits to the facilities. It is during the night when a good part of the inhabitants of the zoo are more active, and that nocturnal visit offers a rare opportunity to know the behaviour of the animals after another. The Night Safari is a zoo that is only visited during the night, during the rest of the day the animals of the zoo do not receive any other visit. It was the first zoo in the world specifically designed to offer this experience to its visitors.

The Night Safari is located in the north of Singapore in the middle of a nature reserve, in a tropical jungle setting. It houses 1,000 animals of 120 species, of which 36% are endangered species. Many of the species of the park come from Asia, including tigers from Malaysia, Asian elephants, Malaysian tapirs, Asian lions and other beautiful species.

There are two ways to visit the Night Safari. One is on foot, following three correctly marked footpaths. In some points of the routes, there are large windows that allow a very close contact with the big cats. The advantage of this alternative is that you can spend more time contemplating the animals that attract your attention.

The other way to visit the park is on board an electric train on wheels that performs a predetermined circuit. The price of the train is included in the entrance to the park. The train runs quietly along a paved track that runs past the animal enclosures. In many cases, animals are glimpsed grazing a few meters from the train. It is a more comfortable way of visiting the park, mainly for groups with small children or people with difficulties to move.

I recommend that you try both ways of touring the park!

The lighting of the park attempts to simulate a night of full moon, with very subtle white light. Not a good place to take pictures. The use of the flash is naturally prohibited to avoid disturbing and frightening the animals. And without flash, the amount of light is insufficient to be able to take photographs under conditions. It is a park where you go to enjoy the contact with nature, the silence of the night broken by a choir of insects and animals, humidity, an entirely different feeling.

And the trade of animals, every day there is a show, repeated at 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm daily (weather permitting) called Creatures of the Night Show (show the Creatures of the Night). It is a half-hour show that takes place in an amphitheatre located in the middle of the jungle and in which all series of animals participate – with many surprises included. To the little ones they sure will love it.

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