One of its kind Restaurant On The Rocks-Crowne Plaza Chennai

On The Rocks is a luxury dining space hosted by Crowne Plaza, Adyar Park, Chennai. It’s set in Chennai’s upscale Alwarpet area, On the Rocks is a high-end hotel in an exalted modern building with a pillared portico. On The Rocks is 2.4 km from Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple and 5 km from Marina Beach. On the Rocks gives us a royal like an ambience and serves with authentic and mouth-watering multi-cuisines. The exotic bar is well stocked with national and foreign brands of your favourite alcohol. This luxurious dining place can be the best place for special celebrations and occasions.

Nothing is better than eating good food and relaxing and On The Rocks (OTR) gives you just that. The ambience was brilliant, and I liked it very much. Lighting was dim and soft background music indeed intensifies the experience and makes for a beautiful setting and compliments the cuisine. It is a feast that awaits you as soon as you enter On The Rocks, the staff are ever so kind and prompt to your every request and to keep you delighted throughout the meal.

Food on Delight!

As far as the dishes go, the food is cooked to perfection. The menu has been designed well keeping up with the overall ambience of the restaurant and the hotel. After taking my drinks orders, arrives one of my favourite pieces of bread. Garlic bread (olive oil can be squeezed out of the Soaked Garlic). It is so fresh and addictive. The signature cocktail and an award-winning cocktail, “Pomo Cino” is an original cocktail that cannot be tasted elsewhere. It was not too sweet, the fragrance of raw fruit and the scent of cinnamon made me feel great. It was made with cinnamon infused vodka and fresh pomegranate juice and carried to paradise.

But the star of the show is the hot rock, where you cook our meats and seafood on a volcanic rock as per your likeness. Please try the “Hot Rock” Experience, cook your meal on a 400-degree lava rock. Cooking on the rocks will give you the experience to remember as well. You can try four types of meat to choose from for it – chicken, lamb, fish and prawn with various rubs and dips. Quality meats and accompaniments to fill your tummy. Now let the pictures do the talking!

MacroTraveller always prefers the veg option, I tried Amuse Bouche, Camembert with pumpernickel, and Crispy Crostini topped with fresh pumpkin relish. I loved the vegetable cream soup and mushroom risotto, and the desserts are divine. The new On The Plate menu at On The Rocks Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park serves three or five grilled meats with the selection of vintage wines/ cocktails.

Amidst all these features, you cannot miss the authentic aroma of Continental and European cuisines which further encourage you to spend some extra time here. Whenever you visit Chennai on a business trip, it is a restaurant & bar you want to remember and want to visit again. Would recommend the restaurant to anyone looking out for a relaxed evening with fantastic food.

Address: Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park, Lobby Level, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Central Chennai, 600018

Phone: 044 2499 4101



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  1. Sounds like a very ambient experience. The Pomo Cino and Amuse Bouche definitely lures me in. Thanks for the in-depth review.

  2. I think I’ll have the HOT ROCK experience. I’ve never tried cooking on lava rock before. This would be a definite first. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A restaurant in dim light??? I like that it has a candle light dinner feel to it. Is this just for an event or is it normal? Very intriguing.

  4. This is where we can have the best food fest. Where else can we have mouthwatering dishes than a high-end restaurant just like this? I highly recommend this restaurant to good food lovers.

  5. Onr will definitely get an unforgettable experience with the rocks.The reviews have given a vivid description of one having a memorable experience of luxuries and royalties.whst else will one required than just to see and experience life’s time fun.

  6. Oh my God the food here is great they cook it til perfection, it has a great taste, texture and the service really delivers how great their food is, the BEST! Yes also cooking on hot rocks it’s like doing a primitive adventure. The food is very worth it. The place is very luxury you will experience what it feels like living in a rock.

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