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Like Apple, which launches almost every year an “S” version of the iPhone, OnePlus offers each semester a variant “T” of its latest smartphone. Thus, just six months after a OnePlus 6 which convinced us by its excellent value for money, here is the OnePlus 6T.

Design & Hardware

Like the OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 6T is a powerhouse. The processor is a Snapdragon 845, and you have the choice between 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM. The model used in my test is a OnePlus 6T of 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage. For the moment, only two colours are available, matte black or “mirror.”

The quality of the AMOLED display (6.41 inches) is obvious, and you have, from the very beginning of the configuration, the choice of temperature according to your preferences. The new drop-shaped notch is the most beautiful effect, and the OnePlus 6T gives an impression of solidity once in hand. A very important point for me, the dual SIM is always in the game, but no storage extension with a microSD (the OnePlus 6T is sold with 128 GB or 256 GB of storage).

The OnePlus 6T measures 7.4cm wide, 15.7cm high and 82mm thick. It is slightly more compact than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which you can find the test here.

The great novelty of this OnePlus 6T, the impression sensor under the screen. In use, it is very satisfactory and quite fast. OnePlus announces that it is using one of the latest technologies in the field, and it looks as fast as Huawei’s on the Mate 20 Pro. As the print passes under the screen, the back is now composed only of the 1+ logo and photo sensors. The only black spot in the new position of the digital sensor is the lack of a jack. It’s sad, and all the builders seem to abandon this port little by little.

On the model I have in test (Midnight Black), the glass on the back has a dull effect that I find particularly successful. I could also see the Mirror Black version, and I think it has the defect of many current smartphones: fingerprints. The OnePlus 6T also features face recognition technology to unlock the smartphone. The fingerprint + face sensor combination unlocks it in any situation, especially when the OnePlus 6T is flat on the table. With the iPhone XS, I must always aim my head, which turns out in some cases binding.

The important point, in the box, is delivered the smartphone, the fast loading block, a USB cable to USB-C, the USB-C dongle to jack, a transparent shell and a protective glass (already applied). Apple would do well to take inspiration for the dongle and the fast charging compatible block.

At the end on the technical characteristics, it is almost without fault, and the screen with the notch in the form of the drop is really the most beautiful effect. An important point, the water resistance. I questioned the brand about it, and a spokesperson explained to me: “The phone does not have IP certification, but is waterproof. The brand has made this choice not to raise the price of the phone and because it has no impact on the user experience.” Another vital component of the hardware is the battery, but we’ll see that later in the test.

OxygenOS at the Top

This is the most beautiful surprise of this test for me. OxygenOS is an overlay very close to that of a pure Android, adding some exciting ideas. The slider of notifications is there from several models and allows you to pass in a flash between the modes silent, vibrator and ringtone.

On the left side of the screen, you will find shortcuts with your recent applications and contacts, which can be fast in some cases. In navigation, a dark theme is available, and you enjoy perfect black AMOLED that allow (I think) to save a little battery in use. A game mode is also part of it, and it allows to allocate more resources to your selected games, but not only. Indeed, you can adjust the way that notifications appear so that they do not over-encroach on the screen during a game. The auto brightness can also be locked, and the calls will automatically be in speakerphone if you answer.

The reading mode is also interesting. It turns all colours of the OnePlus 6T into black and white for easy reading, as its name suggests. The night mode will adjust the temperature of the colours so as not to tire the eyes too late in the day. This version of OxygenOS runs Android Pie 9.0 is a real success for me. Even the gestures are well thought out, and I have from the first minutes chosen to use them by passing me from the navigation bar. We feel the application of OnePlus on its software, and it is one of the best Android overcoats that I have tested today.

Camera and Photo Sensor

It is surprising to see that OnePlus does not bring big news on its new model. Indeed, the OnePlus 6 keeps the famous sensors of 16 MP and 20 MP. The only change is on the first sensor that does an optical and electronic focus. The second still serves to improve the Portrait mode snapshots and to activate when the brightness is low. But the OnePlus 6 allows making very beautiful pictures in broad daylight. The sensors well manage the brightness, the colours are natural and without a sound.

To make it simple: OnePlus kept exactly the same photosensors as on the OnePlus 6, but improved the software part. The pictures are excellent in the right conditions, but still remain behind the Pixel 3 or Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro. The new software treatment, however, allows a nice improvement.

A night mode is emerging (it’s fashion at the moment). The observation is simple: we see the scene better than the naked eye, it can be useful, but the details are left out in this mode, as you can see in the last picture of the gallery below.

The OnePlus 6 offers 4K film at 60FPS. It’s interesting, but it’s not a real camera. There is a constant focus and a moving image. It will be necessary to switch to 1080p at 60 FPS to take advantage of the images. The video mode is interesting, it offers a Slow-Motion mode, but especially a 4K recording up to 60 frames per second. For a smartphone in this price range, the camera is excellent. And the OnePlus 6T includes optical and digital stabilization.


A battery of 3700 mAh is essential to power such a screen. The OnePlus 6T gives me the same impression as the Note 9 on autonomy and more than keeps the day of a classic use, even a little more. It is in the top of the basket of smartphones that I tested this year in terms of autonomy. Indeed, with daily use, the smartphone is doing very well. I was able to take 1 day and a half without going through the box reload and a nice day with intensive use (Social Media, PUBG and Netflix). OnePlus offers good performance, even if it is not similar to high-end smartphones.

But the real secret of OnePlus is the Dash Charge. Besides, the OnePlus 6 incorporates fast charging, Dash Charge. Hard to find better as the performance of the system is subjugated. The autonomy goes from 0% to 50% in less than 30 minutes. A full refill will take only 1h. By cons, no wireless charging on this model.

The quick charging on the OnePlus 6T is simply bluffing. In 30 minutes, I am able to charge more than half of the smartphone which should become a standard. When you see how long it takes to charge an iPhone XS with the charger delivered it’s scary. Apple will have to think about providing a fast charger directly in the box, and it is one of the only ones not to do it. In any case, in case of very intensive use, ten minutes of Dash Charge can recharge the OnePlus 6T for several hours.

My opinion on the OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6 was excellent, and the 6T drives the nail. For a smartphone less than Rs. 38,000 it fills all the boxes of an excellent smartphone: design, hardware, battery, power, photo, and OS. Of course, the device is a little less powerful than the high end (if the conditions are not optimal), but the price difference is absolutely not justified for me.

I have trouble finding a direct competitor to the OnePlus 6T, in any case, the difference in price with an iPhone 8 Plus or XR is, for me, not justified. The OnePlus 6T seems to be on track to be a bestseller this end of the year. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the comments, I will do my best to answer them at best.




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