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Open unique Seating in Southwest Airlines | #MacroTravellerTips

Love it or hate it, Southwest Airways has a unique seating method. In which most airways will assign you an actual seat, Southwest offers you a wide boarding variety, and you can pick any open seat on the aircraft. Some experience selecting who they sit after, however others don’t just like the brought anxiety of no longer knowing in which you’ll sit down till you are on the plane. I desired to run down a few thoughts on the way to get the first-class seat feasible on a Southwest Airlines flight. They’ve regarded to training session quite darn well for me over time.Southwest Airlines is acknowledged for its budget-friendly prices and lack of allotted seats. Once boarded, passengers can sit in any available seat. If you haven’t flown Southwest earlier than, it can be a bit puzzling. While you take a look at it, you may get a boarding letter – A, B or C – and various – 1-60. A1 is the fine and C23 (on a 737-seven-hundred) / C55 (on a 737-800) is the worst. Irrespective of what percentage you’ve got, there are methods to improve in which you take a seat — until you are remaining to board.

Read how the Southwest Airlines seating process works.Southwest Airlines has a novel open seating policy, and seats are not assigned or allocated. When you check-in for your Southwest flight, you will be allotted a boarding group (A, B, or C) and a boarding position (1-60). Here, your boarding group & position determines the order in which you will be permitted to board the flight. During the Southwest boarding process, passengers are told to line-up in order based on their boarding group & position. So, passengers holding A group boarding catches board first, then B, then C. In each group, passengers will line-up based on their numbers. For pattern, A1 will board before A20. Upon boarding the flight, you may choose any open seat. Seats on Southwest flights are in a 3×3 form.

The solution to getting a good seat on Southwest is, apparently, to board early.

I’ve noticed that an A group or early B group is always sufficient to provide with several excellent open seats and plenty of overhead bin space. But it depends on how many individuals you are traveling with, how complete the flight is and whether the flight is equating from somewhere else. The C group usually indicates “center seat” and may require you also to gate check overhead bags.

Check-in EXACTLY 24 hours before your flight.Southwest invites passengers to check-in for their flights 24 hours online before the scheduled departure. Patrons who check-in early are assigned an earlier boarding group, so you’ll have an improved chance of taking a good seat on board. Be ready with your name and confirmation number so you can check in 24 hours in advance on the dot.

If you are doubtful whether you will be able to check-in 24 hours before your flight, purchase Southwest Early Bird Check-In.The best way to acquire a good seat on a Southwest flight is to pay extra in advance. Upgrade to a Business Select Fare when you’re booking, which is the earliest boarding group. You’ll get onto an almost empty plane and have your pick of seats. You also have the option to supplement a regular fare with the Early Bird Check-in feature, which allows you to get on the plane ahead of general boarding. Before we fly, we can also buy an Upgraded Boarding ticket at the gate if it’s available.

Note: Southwest Early Bird Check-In doesn’t guarantee an A boarding position, but you most likely will be in the A or early B group.

Traveling with a child? Familiarize yourself with Southwest family boarding.

An adult traveling with a child six years or younger are eligible to board during Southwest Family Boarding. Family Boarding on Southwest occurs after the A group but before the B group.

#MacroTravellerTips: If you have an A group boarding pass, go ahead and board with the A group instead of waiting for family boarding!

Don’t arrive late to the gate for your flight.I repeat, don’t come late to the gate for your Southwest flight. There is no point in having an A or B boarding group if you will show up to your flight right before the plane door closes. Sometimes that can’t be helped if your connecting flight was delayed, so I suggest at that point, just sit in your middle seat and be thankful you caught your flight.

#MacroTravellerTips :If you have an early boarding group but by the time you arrive at your gate they are boarding a later group, don’t be shy. Immediately step to the front of the line to scan your boarding pass. No one will think you are line cutting.

Have you had good luck with scoring better seats by booking through flights on Southwest? Feel free to share your tips in the comments section below.

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