Packing your Bags : 10 tips for a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

Everyone has their own technique to pack the holiday suitcase. The one writes days before departure comprehensive packing lists, the other two hectares before departure hurriedly throw half the contents of the closet in the suitcase. Is not there a universal master plan for the suitcase packing? Unfortunately, No! Many valuable tips make packing your bags much easier and more efficient.

Pack your bags easily with these 10 tips!

  1. Create packing listThe good old packing list is not an insider tip, but has already proven itself many times. Instead of paper and pen, you should access your smartphone right away. You can create lists in almost all smartphones. But there are also various apps for creating a packing list. Once created, you can use the list again and again. It is best to set up a list for each type of trip, for business travel, beach holiday, hiking trip, camping trip, weekend trip, etc. If necessary, then simply access the appropriate list.
  1. First collect, then pack your bagsWhen time runs out, we like to go for blind actionism. Clothes, electrical appliances, cosmetics, and co. Land directly in the suitcase, without stopping. Not a good strategy! First collect everything that is on your packing list, but doesn’t put it in your suitcase yet. Only then can you think about how to accommodate the items in a meaningful way.
  1. Sort out your hand luggageElectronics and medicines are in the hand luggage, not in the suitcase. Especially expensive cameras or laptops run the risk of being damaged on the journey. Medications should always be available while traveling. It often happens that luggage does not arrive or arrives late on holiday. If you are planning a long-haul flight, you should pack your carry-on luggage particularly skillfully. After all, you will need entertainment, sleeping utensils, and snacks.
  1. Pack heavy downNow, when packing, the weight of each item plays an important role! Books, bottles, heavy shoes and toiletry bags must be down, so they do not crush the remaining contents of the case.
  1. Rolling instead of folding

Not only space-saving, but also a proven remedy for wrinkling: Do not fold cotton clothing such as T-shirts, sweaters, and pants, but roll them. With thin T-shirts, you can also roll up several. Rolled garments can be used to fill even smaller gaps.

  1. Prevent wrinkles

Sensitive clothing requires more elaborate measures. If you have a suit in your luggage, put the pants along the crease and pack them with the waistband down. For blazer or blazer, close at least every other head, put the sleeves on the side seam and stuff the shoulder area with silk or sandwich paper. Blouses and shirts are placed in the suitcase with the sleeves on the back and the button facing down.

  1. Plug gaps

Keep suitable clothing to fill gaps until the last. These include, for example, socks, swimwear, and underwear. For example, you can put socks on your shoes or stuff them on the edge of your suitcase. Even handkerchief packs or a scarf are well suited as a filler.

  1. Pack liquids separately in the case

Yes, it has happened to us too. Once the pack was not paying attention and already the shampoo has spread over the entire contents of the suitcase. A nice mess! Make it right and pack your liquid cosmetics in extra plastic bags with Zipper Bags. If you want to stow liquids in your hand luggage, the restriction is that no more than 100 milliliters per container may be included. Also, gelatinous textures are affected by this regulation. Also, the beauty products must be stored in hand luggage in a lockable transparent plastic bag.

  1. Use samples

Meanwhile, most drugstores have a corner of small-scale beauty products: mini-shower gel, mini-shampoo, mini-deodorant and many other small-format items. They are not only practical for the hand luggage, but also a solution for lack of space in the suitcase. Unfortunately, they are often quite expensive in relation to their big siblings.

  1. Distribute luggage on several suitcases

Resourceful travelers, traveling as a couple or in a group, use the opportunity to share their luggage among themselves. If a suitcase disappears on the way to the holiday destination or arrives late, at least one basic equipment is available.

#MacroTravellerTips: Please note the regulations for carry-on baggage: Before departure, you should always check which items you are not allowed to carry with your airline in your carry-on baggage. In addition to liquids over 100 milliliters, these include items that you might not come across directly, such as knitting needles, scissors, gasoline lighter, razor blades, tools and more.

Ready to Departure? Now secure your luggage.

The hard part you have now done: your luggage is stowed, the suitcase is closed. Now you should make sure that your suitcase also reaches its destination safely – with the complete contents. If you are planning a trip by air, experience has shown that the risk of loss of luggage is greatest. But even when traveling in a rental car, bus or train to get lost suitcases. So always keep an eye on your luggage.

When traveling by air experts recommend not to lock the suitcase. If airport employees want to inspect a piece of luggage, they will break it if in doubt. Criminals cannot be stopped by a simple combination lock anyway. A tie-strap ensures that the case of your suitcase is damaged during the journey. In any case, you should also provide your suitcase with a sign indicating your address in the destination country. If your suitcase is accidentally loaded on a wrong plane, it will sooner or later find its way back to you.



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  1. Some solid tips so you’re not short-sided during your trip. Packing liquids in the wrong case can also lead to the airliners confiscating it. I like your points on traveling in pairs and rolling instead of folding. Thanks for the article!

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