Places in the Philippines you need to visit

The Philippines is a country that is located in the southeast of Asia and that treasures a tremendous cultural, landscape and spiritual richness. The beaches of its more than 7,000 islands are visited by both those seeking diving and those who prefer to get lost by some more exotic and lonely.

Although its natural landscape is worthy of admiration today, we want to focus on its cities. We are going to review the most important ones.

ManilaIt is the capital of the country and the second regarding the number of inhabitants. In it, you will enjoy a beautiful sunset on Roxas Boulevard, and you can also see the National Museum of the Philippines or the Casa Manila, for example. One of the must-sees is the walled district of Intramuros, where you can see the church of San Agustín, the Fort of Santiago and the Cathedral, a replica of the original one that an earthquake destroyed in the 19th century.

Quezon City

Quezon City is the city with the largest population in the country and is located in the wealthiest area of ​​the Philippines. It has about three million inhabitants, and it brings together from incredible natural spaces to commercial areas, all seasoned with cultural proposals that do not leave indifferent to its visitors.


Cebu is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is located in the center of the homonymous island and was founded by Spanish explorers in the 16th century; In fact, you will see streets, businesses, and buildings with a Spanish name. It is the main economic center of the country after Manila. It has renowned colleges, hospitals, and universities.


If we continue to refer to the number of inhabitants, the third most populated city in the country would be Davao, capital of one of the most important regions of the Philippines: Mindanao, an area where different languages, cultures, and religions coexist. Specifically in the city, cathedrals, avenues and natural parks are part of its offer.


Coron is a city whose economy is based mainly on tourism and fishing. It is the ideal place for lovers of diving, and it is not for less: the Forbes Traveler Magazine placed its waters among the ten best in the world for it.


You will see the most spectacular colonial houses in the Philippines in Vigan. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, it is considered the best preserved Spanish colonial city in Asia. Spectacular architecture and cobbled streets will take you to a dream place.


This city is the head of the province of Albay and is an institutional, transport and trade center. It has a port from which export activities are carried out. In this city we can visit cathedrals and fascinating natural spaces, combining asphalt with nature.


It is a city that is part of the Great Cebu, which is the second largest metropolitan area in the Philippines. Its beaches and the diving areas have turned it into an increasingly visited tourist destination. Also famous is the Monument to Lapu-Lapu, about 20 meters high. It is a bronze statue that honors the indigenous leader who faced the Spanish soldiers.

Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is located in the center of the province of Palawan (of which it is the capital) where we will also find an exciting mix of cultures. Its main economic engine is tourism. One of its main claims is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River; Given its ecological value and its beauty, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



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  1. I have been in Cebu once and I totally love it there. I also want to visit Davao. I heard there are so many tourist spots there as well.

  2. Boracay is close now though. It will open again and if it does I hope you come back here. Thank you sir… This makes me proud.

  3. I personally recommend for you to see the Mount Mayon in Leagspi, Albay. It is one of the best place to visit.

  4. This is an informative review of nice cities and places in the Philippines. I know of Coron,Davao maybe I need to visit Manila the capital and explore the great city.

  5. Great review there.I will like to visit Cebu as one of the most important tourist destinations in the philippiines I wouldn’t mind to explore all the attractions there.

  6. You should add Bohol to the places that you need to visit while you’re in the country, especially the white sand beaches of Panglao and Chocolate Hills, of course. Don’t forget to get your fill of delicious Filipino food, too!

  7. I’ve been to Cebu and Coron already. They’re really great islands that give you the peace of mind you need.

  8. Indeed, the Philippines is an underrated gem. I absolutely love Vigan and Intramuros, where the nation’s history lives and breathes. I must say that the pictures look astounding as well! Can’t wait to explore the rest of the Philippines!

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