Places to visit in Singapore with Family

Singapore is a multicultural hub and is one of the most tourist-friendly places. Having been one of Tourist Hub in South East Asia, Singapore has a lot to offer for its visitors and tourists alike. Be it a Solo Travel or a vacation with family, this city offers exciting tourist places to visit. We have listed out some of the best things to do with family if you ever plan a vacation with family.

1) Marina Bay Sands: This tourist place is an architectural marvel, with a boat like structure atop 3 pillars this place is one of the business hubs of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands holds the record for one of longest Infinity pool which is on top of the building. There is an observation deck at the top which when looked out gives a glimpse of the city at a bird’s eye view. If you plan on shopping, this place has various luxury designer outlets which you can shop and if you want to have dinner this place has 2 Michelin stars restaurants you can have a fine dine at Marina Bay Sands.

  • Gardens by the Bay: One of most amazing man-made wonder with its huge space of over 101 hectares has some amazing photography location this place is one of the most visited places in Singapore. With its artificial structures like SuperTrees, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest you will be mesmerized by the sheer size of Gardens. Gardens by the Bay also acts as a learning center for budding learners in the field of Floriculture, Horticulture. This place also has an artificial forest called cloud forest where you can explore the forest without being afraid of animals in the wild. There are kids learning area at the Flower Dome where kids can learn all about Flowers, Types of Flowers, Pollination etc.
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens: One of 3 must visit Gardens in Singapore is the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Being one of UNESCO recognized garden having a history of over 160 years has many attractions such as National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Ginger Garden, Botany Centre, Tanglin Gate, Jacob Ballas Children Garden and many more. There will be free Orchestra Show every weekend held at this park where you can visit and also there are various eateries such as Casa Verde, Corner House (A Michelin Star restaurant). Open from 05:00 to 00:00 entry to this park is free except Orchid Garden which is paid.
  • Singapore Zoo: Being one of 4 wildlife reserves in Singapore, Singapore Zoo occupies the top place that will receive more tourists compared to the other 3. Home for over 300 species of animals, the zoo is segregated into 11 zones based on animals natural habitat. The enclosures are spacious and have proper safety so that there is a safe distance from Human-Animal interaction. From carnivorous animals like Tiger, Lions, Wolf to Herbivorous like Giraffe, Elephant and reptiles such as Reticulated Python, Burmese Python are present in this zoo. This gives enough knowledge to children for their learning on animals and their habitat, behaviour. There are shows such as Elephant Show and Rainforest Fights Back show and Splash Safari which keeps audience entertained whilst they explore the Zoo.
  • Night Safari: One of a kind experience that is first in South East Asia is Night Safari. This place occupies second place in terms of tourist footfalls for wildlife reserve in Singapore. This park allows visitors to notice how animals behave at night time, what are the changes that animals behave etc. Being a nocturnal place this park does not allow Flash Photography. You can explore this region with tram or there are walking trails. Split into seven different regions the habitat in these regions are created as per the animals’ natural habitat. A guided tram is the best way to explore as it covers all the regions present in Safari.
  • Jurong Bird Park: One of the 4 wildlife reserves in Singapore and also one of the biggest Bird Park in South East Asia, Jurong Bird Park has a lot to offer for people who are avid bird watchers. With its regions such as King of the Skies, Lory Loft, Waterfall aviary, Hornbill and Toucan place and Flamingo Trail this place has a lot to offer for its visitors. Kids can enjoy in Birds Play Cafe where they have an option to learn more about birds with its game room and interactive classroom.
  • Universal Studios: One of world’s famous theme park, Universal Studios in Sentosa is must visit as a family. This theme park has rides for everyone from kids to adults. With rides and attractions themed for Adventure, Family oriented Universal Studios has many shows which can be viewed with family. Universal Studios, Singapore is mainly divided into 7 theme areas Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Sci-fi City and Far Far Away. These have their own shares of rides, dining and attractions points. Priced at 55$ this is one stop shop for fun, adventure and to spend your day filled with happiness.
  • Singapore Flyer: An Iconic Part of Singapore just like London is the Singapore Flyer. Standing at 165 meters tall this iconic structure is where you can view mesmerizing Singapore and also parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. If the guests choose to dine here Singapore Flyer gives an option for the same with its fine-dine option with privacy. Open from 08:30 to 22:30 hrs, 1 complete ride takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, hence it would be better to hop on to the Flyer during dusk to view the beautiful country of Singapore after sunsets. There is a couple of experience like 6D motion ride or they allow you to fly real 737 Simulator which can be exhilarating. You can view most parts of Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, F1 Track and many more.
  • S.E.A Aquarium: An acronym for the South East Asia Aquarium, S.E.A Aquarium is one of the largest Aquarium in South East Asia. Built across 10 zones namely Red Sea, South China Sea, Strait of Karimata & Java Sea, Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea, the lakes of East Africa and the Open Ocean, this aquarium is a place for many endangered species such as Manta Ray, Morey Eel and various sharks such as hammerhead shark etc. The main attraction of this aquarium is Open Ocean tank which has over 50,000 animals which can be viewed from inside the tube. Watching these aquatic animals is so mesmerizing that will make you visit again and again. There are many experiences which can be done at this Aquarium such as Ocean Dreams, Shark Encounter, Sea Trek, Open Ocean Dive etc. This place is best to be visited by family as it will be a learning experience for your little one.
  • HOP ON HOP OFF: This tour is basically a sightseeing complete Singapore in a glimpse. This tour offers you to explore Singapore by Hop on Hop off bus. Tourists can choose either of the two lines which the bus operates. Climb aboard to view some of Singapore Iconic sites and get to know the details about them also pass through neighbourhood such as Little India, Chinatown, Clarke Quay etc. If you want to explore more about that region you can simply hop off and board the next available bus With full tour duration being an hour, the frequency of bus would be around 15 minutes. Hop on Hop Off tour operates all year round except on Chinese New year. The two lines of the tour are Yellow Line where the tour starts at 08:30hrs and ends at 18:00hrs and the Red Line which begins at 09:30hrs and ends around 17:00hrs.Apart from the above-mentioned list, Singapore has a lot to offer for its tourists however we have noted 10 not to miss places when you visit Singapore.


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  1. There really are a lot of things to do and see in SIngapore. A day isn’t enough to be able to make the most out of a family getaway to this tiny country.

  2. Singapore is a multicultural hub and is one of the most tourist-friendly places. Places like the Marina Bay Sand, the Zoo and the Safari are quite attractive any day. Thanks for sharing, MacroTraveller

  3. I recommend Macro Traveller to the world when it gets to choice of places to visit around the world. Places to visit in Singapore with Family has be reviewed in this post. Thanks for this post.

  4. The Marina Bay Sands provides the best view of Singapore’s architectural prowess. Definitely one of the best places for a family vacation.

  5. Singapore has so much to offer in the way of tourist attractions. It’s no wonder the dream destination for most tourists.

  6. A lot of friends have told me about the South East Asia Aquarium and how amazing it is. It would definitely be one of the places I visit should I ever go to Singapore.

  7. These are some truly great destinations and activities to enjoy with the whole family in Singapore. Thanks a lot for sharing. This will help lots of tourists in planning for their visit to Singapore.

  8. I love the recommendations! Definitely would love to go and see Universal Studio and S.E.A Aquarium while I am there. Thank you for this!

  9. My picks would be the UNESCO garden and the Merlion. I would love to propose to my girl in that Garden. It just looks peaceful and solemn to me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Singapore is just a magnificient country that one can actually get good value when visited. I like the marina Bay sands. I will like to take a look at it’s architectural designs.

  11. Singapore is one country that have got several tourist attractions for the tourists. I hope to check out all these places anytime I get to Singapore. it will be a pleasure visiting these places.

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