Ranking of the Most Romantic Places in the World

National Geographic developed a list of the nine places in the world that are an ideal destination to meet during that season and that are a perfect setting for love. Cities full of romance, magic and corners to visit as a couple, to fall in love, ask for a hand, live adventures, create unforgettable memories and star in your fairy tale.

1) Paris (France)For those who know her, the French capital is romantic not only in the spring but also at any time of the year. For something, it is called “the city of love.” If in thinking about romance the first place that comes to mind is Country, it is not wrong, in the spring the City of Love is a sight worth admiring, where the trees bloom, picnics are done in the parks, and there is music everywhere.

2) The Moselle (Western Europe)The Moselle River runs through the northeast of France, the east of Luxembourg and the west of Germany. Precisely in the valleys of this last country, the fluvial course allows an excellent production of wines, mainly dry whites. It is also a unique tourist destination, especially when it’s slow and meandering path of water runs alongside strong, medieval villages and the extensive vineyards as in the Bremm locality where the flow takes a 360° curve.

3) Marrakech (Morocco)NatGeo described this city as an ideal destination to visit in the spring, not only for romance but also for the simple possibility of getting lost in its streets and enjoying an incredible architecture. At the beginning of June, it is also an excellent time to visit it since the Marrakech festival is held. However, between September and May is the best time, since their days and nights are more temperate.

4) Osa Peninsula (Costa Rica)This area of ​​Costa Rica is described as the last wild border of the country and surprises its visitors for its rich flora and fauna, as well as incredible landscapes. In recent years the supply of accommodation in the sector driven by ecotourism has increased. Going through this “earthly paradise” is an adventure, and the recommendation for the romantics is to get up on the nearby island of Caño, where you can swim with dolphins, do horseback riding and live entertaining outdoor experiences.

5) Charleston (South Carolina, United States)American writer and novelist Pat Conroy lived much of his life in the state of South Carolina, where he set his memorable works “The Great Santini” and “The Prince of Tides.” His words were chosen by NatGeo to define the sensuality of this city in the spring and its semi-tropical air. It is the oldest city in southern Virginia and is known for its beautiful homes, incredible parks and architecture considered a stunning example of the southern charm of the United States.

6) Kyoto (Japan)During April this city is holding the Spring Bailes de Geishas, ​​a cultural show that takes place since 1950. The event takes place shortly after the celebration of Hanami which is nothing more than the celebration and contemplation of the cherry blossoms, a Natural show definitely to enjoy as a couple.

7) London (England)This city is lit with the arrival of spring even when temperatures are still a little low. The River Thames is transformed into a stage for many activities that begin to welcome future hotter and sunny days. Those lucky enough to visit the city at early time of year, the recommendation is to visit Kensington Palace or Kew Gardens, as the lawn is covered in purple and white crocus and narcissus flowers.

8) Bruges (Belgium)In the opinion of NatGeo, this city is made to make a person fall in love, since the springtime is synonymous with incredible and beautiful postcards that transport to another era. Nothing better than getting lost with your lover or in love with the canals of the city wrapped in mist and then take a ride in a car pulled by horses, to finish with a sample of your most traditional cuisine. Lovers must visit the small Lake Minnewater which, according to local legend, was the scene of a tragic love story between Minna and her lover Stromberg. The legend says that after the misfortune of these young people, all those couples who cross the bridge together can live the eternal love.

9) Atacama and Uyuni (Chile and Bolivia)The Atacama Desert, in Chile, has such beauty and charm that it was an essential source of inspiration for the Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda, who immortalized this piece of the country in his work Canto General. Meanwhile, Uyuni is a salt desert in Bolivia, and it is an amazing place where the border between heaven and earth is lost.



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