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Is it really necessary to activate ‘Airplane Mode’ during the flight?

Everyone knows what happens when you board an airplane: before the start of the flight, all passengers are asked to turn off their phones or activate the ‘Airplane Mode.’ But is this measure really necessary? What happens if we do not? Shall we crash? Will we alter communications with the control tower? Let’s find out if it is necessary – or not so much – to activate the ‘Airplane Mode’ during the flight.

Why do you have to activate ‘Airplane Mode’ on flights?

Of course, flight attendants find it impossible to verify that each of the passengers has disconnected their mobile or put it in ‘Airplane Mode.’ But what is really dangerous is not the phone for the aircraft, but the interference in the radio signal that can cause.

And, contrary to what many may believe, the radiation of the mobile signal of a phone does not interfere with the operating system of the flight. Not even in the case that most of the passengers will leave their phones activated.

What does happen – and the real reason why we are asked to turn off smartphones or put them in ‘Airplane Mode’ – is because the phones connected during the flight cause an annoying hum to the pilots and air traffic controllers, similar to the one we heard when we approached a Microphone to an audio system.

In this way, this sound is not dangerous to fly the aircraft, but it can be very annoying for the pilots. And this can be especially damaging when pilots are receiving essential information from the control tower.



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