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Royalty Stay at Trump International Hotel-Washington D.C

Trump International Hotel Washington DC is located in the historical heart of Washington, close to Washington Convention Center, Verizon Center and U Street. Trump International Hotel Washington DC has been inviting guests to its luxurious rooms since 2016. Placed in the heart of Washington and close to the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M Sackler Gallery Station. A 10-minute walk from Washington city center.

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in DC, look no further. MacroTraveller was treated like a King, full of royalty at Trump International from the moment I approached the front door. The staffs apparently have been very well trained, and they make every effort to meet the guest’s needs. The historic Old Post Office building is gorgeous, and the way it has been transformed into a luxury hotel is fantastic. The Lobby experience is unequaled, and the decor is marvellous  the staff and the management are exceptional. Unobstructed close view down Pennsylvania Avenue of the Capitol was Pure Bliss! Don’t miss a visit to the clock tower while there.

It’s a historical building all initial part has been preserved and mixed well with the luxurious new look. My room was beyond perfect and huge. The quality of the room was unimaginable — super ceilings, chandeliers, gold throughout, costly bed, a TV that popped out of a leather enclosure. The rooms have every comfort one might need and the bathroom with separate tub and shower along with double sinks – is pure elegance. The high-end shampoo, bath gels, and soaps were beautiful. I had excellent service from housekeeping and room service during my three-day stay.

You cannot beat the location for all sightseeing and nightlife in Washington DC. Sitting in the cavernous lobby atrium, being surprised by the overhead views from the glass ceiling, marvelous chandeliers, and sizeable crystal-adorned bar, and the multi-story American flag…this is a place you can spend the entire day in utter bliss!

The restaurant/cafe served great food, or you can dine within the bar area, sitting within the bar lounge suites. I loved the BLT Prime – the menu/food and service was excellent! Food at BLT prime is mouthwatering and delicious, and each bite was absolute perfection from the popovers to the dessert. (Worth the money – Best restaurant in DC).

Be sure to visit the lounge and have a crème brulee, hot chocolate drink, cheese tray, cheesecake lollipop tree with bubblegum whipped cream. Benjamin lounge was exceptional – fantastic drink and dessert menu. The breakfast pastries were excellent. The cafe serves excellent coffee and pastries with the reasonable price considering the elegant ambiance. They have complimentary coffee in the morning at Benjamin bar. The hostess fixes it for you. Try the pancakes (best) and peanut butter (I know that seems odd, but you will realize once you taste it!). I also tried in-room dining which was bit expensive but expected at a hotel like this and I must append the food was very delicious with healthy portions.

The gym had superior amenities although I didn’t use it. Check out the clock tower which gives you a birds-eye view of the city. You can access it from the 12th street next to Starbucks. The hotel maintains security (men in suits with earpieces). It was never intrusive. Its kind the hotel takes security seriously. You need your room key to operate the elevators.

The level of service, staff, amenities, and total experience was so pleasant that I’d do this “once in a lifetime stay” again and again! This was on my bucket list, and it surpassed even my highest expectations! MacroTraveller’s stay at the Trump International Hotel was a glorious and relaxing experience. If you are looking for a five-star ultra-luxury hotel experience in DC, this fits your bill.



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  1. For a five star hotel and for the fact that it just recently opened makes it really tempting to stay at. and it’s very much a luxury personified and the experience would be amazing and if i have the opportunity i definitely will stay there since it’s located quite close to the city center.

  2. Are we talking about that TRUMP? As in the President Trump? Anyway, the hotel looks 5 stars and expensive. I wonder if this is the same Hotel featured in Home Alone 2. Trump made an appearance on that…

  3. Trump hotel is worth staying in since the environment is user-friendly and the staff are well trained to carry out their responsibilities like professionals.Great that one can have a glorious experience while lodging in Trump’s hotel.

  4. Wow! This hotel really looks like a modern day castle. I wish one day I can look at it myself. I will add it to my bucket list. Thank you for those stunning pictures!

  5. The hotel interior’s look so luxurious and I believe that the level of service is presidential. Royalty stay, indeed.

  6. The rooms seem to have a great view of DC. Can’t wait to spend my vacation next summer here.

  7. The rooms are fit for a king indeed. I’m not President Trump’s biggest fan, but I gotta say he really established himself as one of the top hoteliers in the world.

  8. Trump International Hotels never fails to awe us. They are known for their luxurious treatment of their customers. I hope that I’ll be able stay in one of Trump’s hotel one day.

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