See it to Believe It – World’s Strangest Hotels

Going on a tour includes many decisions. Where are we going, with which airline will we fly and where will we stay? When it comes to hosting, the choice does not only depend on how cheap or expensive our hotel is. There are stranger hotels than the same cities where they are. The strangest hotels in the world can sometimes be more interesting than the destinations we go to.

If you like to experiment with this, here I leave you the 11 strangest hotels you can visit on your next vacation.

  1. Abali Gran Sultanato (Palermo, Italy)pic credits :

This hotel, which has nothing to do with the Italian wave, is located in the city of Palermo. We decided to include it in this strange hotel count for its extravagant decoration. Not only is it set in an Arabic style. Its colors and decoration make your rooms an oasis that will make you feel like a sheik.

If you decide to stay there, you will have costumes representing the culture of the Middle East with which you can have fun and feel part of the aesthetics of your room.

  1. Hotel Costa Verde 727 Fuselage (Costa Rica) Pic Credits : curbed

Imagine not only arriving at your destination by plane but … staying in one? If you like aircrafts a lot, this hotel is ideal for you. Located in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, this hotel is no more than a 727 Fuselage aircraft. Its facilities are cozy, and allow you to enjoy your breakfast from the terrace enjoying toucans, sloths, and monkeys as part of the view.

  1. Cocoa Island Hotel (Maldives)
    Pic credits : Materialicious

Can you imagine sleeping on water? Well, something like that does not sound so outlandish on the white sandy beaches and arrecife of the Maldives. A series of small rooms located on one of the most crystalline waters of the planet. The bedrooms are a bit small, but the experience of waking up with the sea next to you is worth it.

  1. Dark Park Hotel (Osterreich, Germany)Pic Credits : OyePosts

Sleeping inside a sewage pipe, or even being inside one, does not sound very encouraging. Thomas Latzel and Andrea Strauss were in charge of turning these pieces into incredible design pieces. Located in Germany, the Dark Park Hotel offers a series of waste tubes equipped with authentic suites. All the “rooms” have a mural painted by Latzel. These paintings manage to give each bedroom a unique and distinctive touch.

If you have the opportunity, do not think twice and visit this unusual hotel.

  1. Dog Bark Park Inn (Cottonwood, Idaho, USA)Pic Credits : Wikipedia

About the next hotel, there is not much to say. Who can resist spending the night inside a Beagle? We will only say the most important thing about this hotel. If you stay there, you will find cookies under your pillow.

  1. Hotel Can Sleep (Denmark)
  2. Pic Credits : xcitefun

For fans of a good beer, Denmark is the destination. This is probably one of the strangest hotels in the world. Consisting of a series of 3.8m-high cans, this hotel welcomes its guests into beer-shaped rooms.

For some, it may sound crazy, but for a different night, why not?

  1. Hotel Alcatraz (Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Pic Credits: Tripadvisor

Go to prison without having committed a crime? Now it is completely possible. In Germany, there is the Alcatraz Hotel. An old remodeled jail that allows its guests to live the experience of spending the night in a cell. Inside the “rooms” the toilet is very close to the bed, as well as the sink.

To make the experience even more incredible, each guest is given striped pajamas. Yes, it’s quite an experience.

  1. Casa Caracol (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)Pic Credits : AirBnb

If you go to the beach, where else could you sleep if it is not in a giant snail? Isla Mujeres in Mexico is the perfect destination for those who need a tan on this vacation. Located on Isla Mujeres, Casa Caracol becomes an excellent place to spend several days. Its facilities are very comfortable, and they have been celebrities like Bono, the singer of U2.

  1. Hotel Kakslauttanen (Finland)Pic Credits:

Finland is a country with incredible landscapes. But probably one of its main attractions is this hotel where its rooms have the shape of an igloo. But not only that. All the walls are made of glass, so it is possible to see the stars from the comfort of your bed. And not only that! You can sleep watch the northern lights. The hotel has direct transport from the airport, and one night in one of its main rooms can be around 500 dollars.

  1. Sand hotel (Dorset, England)Pic Credits : XciteFun

Immersing yourself in the sand is not as cool as staying in a hotel made entirely of sand. This ingenious “building” is located in England, and it took four sculptors who worked 14 hours a day to build this hotel.

It has become very popular on the coast of Brittany between tourists and natives of the area. The question we ask ourselves is: does the reservation include sunscreen?

  1. Capsule Hotel (The Hague, Netherlands)

In this “hotel” located in The Hague, you will not sleep on the water, but on it. Floating on the water channel of the city, the capsules inspired by the same but rescue of the high seas were created by the artist Denis Oudendijk.They have 4 meters in diameter, and inside you will only find sleeping bags and a toilet. The space is so small that only 3 people can fit per capsule, so start looking for your adventure companions.

In cases like these, we have to ask ourselves where the fun of our tour will be: in the place we visit, or in the hotel where we stay? If you know any other strange hotels, kindly comment below.

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