Singapore Cable Car in Sentosa

Singapore Cable car was the concept introduced by the Singapore Government in the year 1968. Being one of the first cable cars in the world with its harbour this is a one-time experience for tourists visiting Singapore. It connects Mainland Singapore to the famous Sentosa Island. Recently there is an in-land line in Sentosa Island which is connected from Imbiah Lookout Station was opened, this line was awarded as one of Top 50 Engineering feats at IES-SG50. Travelling in this Cable Car gives spectacular and panoramic bird’s eye view of Singapore Mainland towards Sentosa and Sentosa island too.

Started In 1972 Singapore Cable has undergone many improvements in its cabin and it has added more cabin so that there would not be much of waiting period for cars to arrive. Being one of the world’s first cable car with glass bottom added another feather to its cap in terms of tourism. It currently has 67 cabins along with 7-star luxury cabins which are fitted with ultra-luxe interiors and is embedded with Swarovski Crystals. With a seating capacity of 8 per cabin, this cable car also features music system, baby crib and a removable table with cup holder for Sky Dining experience.

One of the most famous and convenient ways to reach Sentosa from Central Singapore is Cable Car. It has 2 main lines and 6 stations. Mount Faber Line connects Singapore to Sentosa and Sentosa Line connects different station within Sentosa Island.

Mount Faber Line – Inaugurated in 1974 this station acts as a starting point for the journey from Singapore to Sentosa. Travelling from this station provides a panoramic view of Singapore and its harbour. At the height of 300ft above sea level, this offers a rich view of flora and fauna of Singapore near the harbour. After Mount Faber station is the Harbourfront station where we pass through a sky-scraper and once we cross the skyscraper we notice modern Singapore alongside harbour with views of luxury yacht sailing across the sea.

Sentosa Line – Inaugurated in 2015 this line allows you to travel around Sentosa Island easily. This line has 3 stations Siloso Point, Imbiah Lookout and Merlion Station. Upon entering the Sentosa island station, we notice a huge statue of Merlion which is one of the highlights of travelling in the cable car. Upon entering Sentosa Station you need to walk towards Imbiah Lookout Station which acts as a connecting station for Merlion Station. Sentosa Line offers a bird’s eye view of some of the famous places in Sentosa such as Adventure Cover Water park, Merlion, Resort World Sentosa etc,

Riding Cable Car during night time will be spectacular with bright-lit skylines of Singapore and Sentosa Island. Singapore Cable Car offers Sky Dining experience where you can have a perfect 3/4 course meal with your family at height along with a spectacular view of Singapore. Starting at 18:00hrs this experience will take around 2 hrs where you would be provided either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal of 3 or 4 courses. The Sky Dining experience starts around 70SGD and this experience will be exhilarating

sisinfTraversing around 5 meters per second, it takes 30 minutes for a round-trip from Mount Faber to Sentosa and back. This provides stunning views along with quick ride where you can cover most of the landmarks on either side of the Island.



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  1. I have never entered a cable car before.. a visit to sentosa will give me that opportunity although travelling is pricey but its worth it

  2. What a nice innovation! The cable car features music system, baby crib and a removable table with cup holder for Sky Dining experience. Sentosa, Singapore is a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Beautiful shots. I think every tourist in any country could benefit from a cable car one of a kind experience. It truly sounds amazing having meals and outstanding views of Singapore all in one exhilarating ride. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is wonderful, I am seeing and hearing this for the very first time. Singapore here I come. Singapore Cable Car in Sentosa is a most for me to enter when I arrive there. Thanks for making plus one current.

  5. A panoramic bird’s eye view of Singapore Mainland sounds perfect. The cable car ride is definitely going into my to-do list.

  6. A lot of countries or theme parks has this. I wanna say I wanna ride it but I am afraid of heights he he However, I am open to ride this one next time I am back at Singapore.

  7. Singapore is so beautiful! I might put Sentosa in one of my dream destinations. I love the photos! Thank you for sharing your adventure!

  8. Wow, Singapore Cable one of the first cable in the world that’s just cool to note. I will like to also experience this ride when I visit Sentosa. It will really be a fun thing to do.

  9. Introduced in 1968 this is as far back before I was even I was born.I love cable cars. I have been opportune to enter one in my local abode and I enjoy every of it.

  10. I haven’t rode in any cable car at all. I always wonder how does it feel to get to the other side, overlooking the view below.

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