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Six Countries that you can visit for less than 50$ USD Per Day!

Many destinations in the world will not leave you in ruin. For less than $ 50 a day (sometimes even less than that), these countries offer much more for your vacation. Here are six spectacular places to eat, drink and relax (in style), sticking to a budget.

  1. Fiji – World’s Happiest Country!

We think it is expensive, but in fact, it is a very popular destination and with many travelers, because unlike the little economic islands that surround it, this is accessible. Yes, many hotels charge $ 1,000 per night, but there are also hostels and guest houses all inclusive for $ 25 a night. Getting around the islands is not overly expensive and the beach is free. It’s easy to splurge, but you can access crystal clear beaches, great snorkeling and delicious seafood while you talk to friendly natives without having to mortgage your home.

  1. Cambodia – Land of Smiles!

While you can put the majority of Southeast Asia on the list, Cambodia is the one with the best value for money in the region. Everything is very economical! You can stay in a private, air-conditioned room for $ 20. Local food costs $ 2 and most Western foods are worth $ 7. This country is budget friendly and if you are spending close to $ 50 a day, then this place is for you. Cambodia has some of the nicest people and the most beautiful beaches, ruins and jungles that exist. It is raw and breathtakingly beautiful.

  1. Portugal – The Gentle Land!

Another economic zone of Europe is Portugal. Here you will find beautiful beaches, rural wine, impressive cliffs and historic cities at discounted prices. Lisbon is one of the friendliest cities if you want to stay in a 5-star hotel. Add to the mix to helpful and outgoing local people who serve delicious meals (especially seafood), and you have the components of a perfect place! Everyone is heading for Italy when they should go to Portugal!

  1. Peru – Land of the Incas!

Most people come to Peru attracted by the Inca Trail, but this country has much more to offer than that. Here you can navigate the Amazon, visit the deserted white sand beaches of Mancora and explore the ruins of other Inca destinations such as Moray and Choquequirao. Rarely meals will cost more than the US $ 5, private rooms cost about the US $ 25 and you can travel anywhere in the country for less than the US $ 30. Do not let those prices that leave you with your mouth open stop you To go to one of the most fun, happy and economic countries of South America. Note: if you go to Cuzco, you can find last minute offers for Machu Pichu with a 50% discount!

  1. China – The Red Dragon!

China has fascinated travelers since Marco Polo crossed the Silk Road. While China’s days as a super-economic destination have already disappeared, the country remains a destination for a smaller budget with many savings opportunities, especially in the countryside. Rooms cost less than the US $ 20 a day, food prices between the US $ 2 and US $ 5 per dish, and local transportation in cities costs less than a dollar. Those who travel to China are rewarded with friendly people, delicious meals, a country in a steady stream, mountains, beaches and beautiful valleys. On a budget that everyone can afford!

  1. South Korea – Land of Morning Calm!

In South Korea, everyone earns 1,119 won for every dollar, and it all costs less than a few thousand won, so I cannot imagine anyone going beyond their budget here. A full Korean barbecue with drinks can cost $ 8 per head. You can choose beer bottles at gas stations for less than US $ 1. If you want a very conservative Asian country and have a stunning countryside landscape, South Korea is the place for you.



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