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Cafe Mangii celebrates the exciting weeks ahead with its annual Sizzler Festival. Pamper yourselves in some of the most authentic and delicious sizzlers the city can offer! Cafe Mangii’s Sizzling Sizzler Festival has returned after huge demand with specially curated sizzlers made by their expert chefs to tease your taste buds.

I was recently invited to Cafe Mangii for the Sizzler Festival offering the different type of sizzlers across the world. Choose from an array of nine delightful sizzlers that are handcrafted pieces of delight by Café Mangii’s Corporate Chef Ajay Thakur.

Surrender Yourself to a World of Mouth Watering Sizzling Sizzlers!

The Vegetarians have an array of choices from Chermoula Cottage Cheese,Potato Kubbat,

Mushroom Baklava,

Broccoli & Quinoa Pops

and Pollo Balsamic.

My favourite was the Mushroom Baklava Sizzler which was the star of the evening!

The Non-Vegetarians will have a hard time choosing between Lemongrass Chicken, Chicken Enchilada, Tahini Lamb Kebabs and Coconut Prawns.

All of these, when served with a variety of exotic vegetables, add even more delight to the happening. Top it up nicely with their yummy sizzling brownie with Ice Cream!

Head to your closest Café Mangii and get ready to enjoy the sizzle!

What: The Sizzler Festival

Where: At Café Mangii in Orion Mall & UB City

Timeline: Till August 31, 2017

Address: Bangalore

Orion Mall

Third Floor, Orion Mall,

Brigade Gateway, 26/1,

Dr. Rajkumar Road,

Near Yeshwantpur,

Malleshwaram, Bangalore

UB City

204/A, Comet Block, UB City,

Vittal Mallya Road,

Near Lavelle Road, Bangalore

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