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Hyderabad based IoT startup Smartron has launched its first wearable device – a fitness band named tband. The fitness band comes with features such as ECG (Electrocardiography) and BP (Blood Pressure) monitoring to measure a Unique Fatigue & Stress Factor. The tband is Smartron’s first step towards building the tronX Health ecosystem.

The Smartron tband is available on Flipkart and is priced at Rs 4,999.

Design and Processor!

Smartron tband features a 0.96-inch OLED display with a single touchpad. It has silicone strap with stainless steel tang buckle, and the belt is customizable with 18 mm changeable watch straps. Under the shell, it is powered by the MTK2523/MTK2511 processor. It is also IP67 rated and is thus dust and water resistant. The smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Activity Tracking!

The tband efficiently does fitness tracking activities such as calories burnt, steps taken, running distance, sleep tracking including sleep patterns and efficiency. Smartron tband offers you customizable alerts for waking up, medicine reminders, inactive and SOS alerts, DnD option as well as SMS and call notifications.

thealth App!

Smartron tband comes equipped with useful features such as ECG and BP monitoring to measure fatigue and stress factors. It also does continuous heart rate monitoring. It includes thealth app to give users Health Index Score. It is a combination of activity tracking, sleeping patterns, calorie count, stress and fatigue levels in addition to Blood Pressure and Heart Health.

Compatibility and Battery!

The fitness band comes with 18mm changeable watch straps. The tband also has an IP 67 rating that makes it dust and water resistant. The tband is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, sporting an OLED display with a 100mAh LI battery that lasts for 2-4 days depending on notifications and usage.

Other Highlights!

The tband’s body includes a 0.96-inch screen carved inside a metal frame with steel buckle. This gives it a rugged and reliable feel.

There are no physical buttons on the tband, and the screen doesn’t support touch input. One can toggle through the various screen readings by tapping on the metal sensor next to the screen. To change time and date user needs to connect it to the thealth app (free; Android, iOS) via Bluetooth. Pairing is easy and quick, but the band needs to be fully charged.

There are two light sensors at the base for tracking heart rate. When combined with the metal sensor next to the screen it can calculate blood pressure.


The healthy thing is that you cannot only measure your health count but also answer your calls, text your friends, get notifications, customize your alarm and even set reminders using tband. The wearable is also compatible with Smarton’s thealth app, which is the company’s proprietary health tracking app.



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  1. I think I need this fitness band. It’s versatile that all the features included are what I need in one. Hope it’s pocket-friendly.

  2. This is good for us seeking for better health tracking devices! But sometimes, my eyes struggle just a bit of tracing your text from the entire row then to the side again. And the features could be made in bold fonts or the features in bulleted form.

  3. This is an awesome fitness band that one should think of getting one.I like the fact that it does so many good things for the users like tracking ones fitness health,one can text with it and also call with it.It really an awesome device and highly recommended

  4. The tband is killer!! There are so many functions for one device. The design is very suave as well. I’m sure it will gain a lot of momentum with all its health monitoring features. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This fitness band is great. I am now using polar loop because at that time it was the most affordable fitness band that is waterproof. If you have any other fitness band to recommend, kindly put them up here too!

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